Patch 6.2.3 - Has it come too late?

Interestingly, after posting not that long ago about the mythic woes, Blizzard announced that Patch 6.2.3 will be making its way to the PTRs shortly.

But, is it too late?

Cross realm mythic raiding - it's coming.  It was just like at the end of Siege of Orgrimmar. This will be great for all those people who would like to get mythic HFC done. All those smaller guilds might be able to pug some players and finish mythic bosses. However, the damage has been done - a whole lot of people have quit playing because they were unable to finish the raid with the raiders that they had.  Will they be enticed back with this patch to finish the tier off? It will be great for those remaining though - and I think if I was Blizzard, I'd rather help out my loyal players who are still playing than worry about those who have already gone.

I also noticed that if you kill Heroic Archimonde then we will be eligible to get a mount.  That's exciting for mount collectors. I didn't realise it would be that moose mount though. Ancient expressed a bit of sadness that she wouldn't be able to get it and have to save for a heroic Archimonde carry.

Arena season 2 is ending. Ever since Shab moved to alliance my enthusiasm for arena has dropped significantly. I haven't even done 1/4 of the games that I need for the mount this season, whereas I had finished my 100 games on all the previous seasons. There was a new mount this season, a Vicious War Kodo, and as a tauren I feel that it is an obligation - no, a necessity! - to get this mount. But in 2 weeks will I have the stamina to grind out 75+ games to get the mount? Actually that's 75+ WINS, rougly double that if I went to get the games done.  Ashran has done a great job of capping my conquest so I have been a bit lazy with getting my arena done. I also haven't gotten my 27k conquest points achievement yet, but I am 2 weeks off getting that (especially with the bonus conquest event this weekend) so it's not too big an issue (as the patch hasn't made it to PTR yet so I will have at least 2 weeks before it drops). So should I drag Crooked and Sev for a buttload of games to get our mount? Or should I pug it?

Valour upgrades are back! I'm not sure how I feel about that - I guess it's so everyone can upgrade their gear to get that kill. I'm not sure if I will be doing it, because it means running dungeons all the time to get valour. It will make it a lot easier for guilds working on bosses to get through them. I am hoping we won't need them, but hey upgrades are upgrades - maybe we can work on old mythics for fun.

And more timewalking dungeons - this time with a chance to drop a mount! I'll see how I feel, but I think I COULD be enticed to do a few. I'm not a huge fan of doing the old dungeons, or any dungeons at the moment. But at least the old instances are getting a workout!

So, a few more weeks before big changes. Frostwolves, we need to get that Archimonde kill!

I can't help but wonder, if this patch had dropped earlier - or rather, some of the contents of this patch had dropped earlier - whether a number of raiding players could be saved, or kept interested in the game. I think most people will agree that it seems worse this time around than previously, in terms of numbers and guilds collapsing. The only problem I see with cross realm things is that if you see them in group finder, you must have already killed that boss already to be able to join the raid. I was more hoping that two 10 man guilds could come together and do mythic content. Because that would be a feat of cooperation, and I always like hearing about those sorts of stories than about the PuG who didn't care who they did their kill with.


  1. Regarding the moose, well, I'm sure there will be a reskin. And I'd prefer it behind content than a store mount. But I do feel for Blizz, they can't win with raiding. It seems no matter what they choose to do, someone who doesn't raid will get upset that they are missing out.

    I'd have loved the past arena season mounts, but (until this season) haven't participated in arenas. To me they were unattainable, but I recognise the effort required in attaining one, and don't bemoan its availability to arena players.

    I'm at 22 wins in 3s -.- but if you are committed to grinding them out, I will join you.

    1. Let's get grinding! By the end you may regret it!
      - Navi

  2. Nah - its perfect timing. Most bloggers were running out of things to complain about.

    1. Well at least my blogroll will be busy again :)


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