Now this is a fun Hallow's End

I have often said how much I dislike my garrison and how I dislike how I seem to spend so much time in it, but it has surprised me how much I enjoy decorating it with these Hallow's End decorations.

So far I've put the spiders/capturable pets, the ghostly costumes and the pumpkins. I think the pumpkins are great, adding a whimsical feel to the place.

You have to do these dailies out in Shadowmoon Valley by Socrethar's Rise, and they're pretty easy.  Even if there are a fair few people there, the mob spawn rate is fast and you can get it done pretty quickly.

The good thing about the spiders, maggots and rats  all over my garrison is of course an excuse to do some pet battling. I have had a fun time battling and catching things again, looking for a different breeds and maybe get lucky and get rares. So far, none have popped up, but I think I have enough upgrade stones to buff my new pets if I need to.

There is also a rare spider beside the herb garden that can drop a toy bag of spiders. There was a bug in the early days where people kept killing it and not picking up the loot and apparently there was a possibility you could get the rare toy bag of spiders after repeated killings. But they soon fixed that up and we're back to killing it once a day for a chance at the toy.

I was also delighted to see a scarecrow Pepe costume - look for Pepe in your garrison! Think Hallow's End thoughts, that's where you'll find him. I went to raid last night with Scarecrow Pepe on my head much to Sev's bemusement. You even get an achievement - A Frightening Friend.

I don't have my Headless Horseman mount still so I will try again this year but I'm really not fussed. It is a cool mount but now I have flight form back, who needs mounts?

I wondered if I should get the Lich King Costume... however, I might buy some of those Naga masks with my Hallows End currency and boost my intellect a little :)

So is everyone else enjoying Hallow's end too?