Navi's BETTER hints for "I found Pepe" Achievement

It's great that this achievement is finally live and we can get our Pepe costumes. However, the hints that they had for it were too hard for me! Here are the official hints:

Talador - Sir Pepe is a knight, you see, but every warrior needs a rest. You’ll find him half-asleep right now near a pile of amythest.

Gorgrond - What killed these iron hordies, you thought you knew—but alas, you were wrong. Turns out it was the stealthy Ninja Pepe all along.

Spires of Arak - Pirate Pepe flew down south to visit his feathered friends. You’ll find him there relaxing in some arrakoa ru-ins.

Nagrand - This Pepe will be easy for anyone to spot. Viking Pepe always thought his dancing moves were hot.

It was way too hard for me! So if you want to find Pepe without having the coordinates linked to you like they are on Wowhead then follow my subsequent clues! And dont' look at my pictures unless you really give up. I'm not going to list co-ordinates - you can find them on Wowhead here.

Hint 1 - The race that reveres this purple gem, Pepe can be found amongst them.
Hint 2 (big spoiler) - Near Auchindoun upon a chest, he's in a tent and not a nest.

Hint 1 - Where Gronns will crush the Iron Horde, Pepe's hiding, rest assured.
Hint 2 (big spoiler) - South of the Pit within a tent, this Ninja bird some time has spent.

Spires of Arak
(To tell you the truth this was the easiest one for me. I think I just got lucky! And the clue was quite good)
Hint 1 - I haven't made one because the official hint was good.
Hint 2 - Upon a rock and in plain sight, he watches sea both day and night.

Hint 1 - A challenge made! Let's all go fight, Near this arena, just out of sight.
Hint 2 - The Ring of Trials will test your pluck, but nearby goblins dance amok.

I noticed something when I was in flight form with Pepe - Pepe was sitting on one of my claws! Not in my claws clutches but actually on my it. I thought that was rather cool :) (another thing to thank Ancient for)

Yay, achievement done! I am a bit ashamed that I had to look up the places where they were because the hints were too hard for me - if there is anyone out there who wants to do it themselves without coordinates given to them then hopefully my hints will be a bit useful!


  1. I like your clues a lot better

  2. Where are these "official" hints found exactly?

    1. They were on the Blizzard Warcraft blog - here is the link

  3. Thanks for the easy to do list for me to follow now.

    Do you know if you need to have the achievement for pepe to do these pepe ones? I can't seem to get groups for the older world bosses any longer when I am on so getting those parts of the previous pepe achievement are now out of reach for me at the moment.

    1. As far as I'm aware you don't need to do the Transdimensional trip achievement. I did mine with Pepe on my head from the garrison and he actually changed costumes when I clicked costumed Pepe, I think.

  4. Your hints are a lot better, I think I managed to only figure one of theirs out.

    1. Same here, the Spires one. I had no idea about the others. I am bad at cryptic crosswords too!


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