I'm back! Catching up on all the thing's I've missed

It's nice to be back. I did miss my computer and writing on the Daily Frostwolf. I did have a great holiday though!

One of the things I did miss out on was Brewfest.  Much to my dismay there was only a few days of Brewfest left and there is not only a new pet but a few new toys to get as well. Fortunately, Crooked told me that it would only take me 2 days to get the 200 Brewfest Prize tokens, and he was right. I got 219 tokens after doing all the quests and dailies for 2 days so that was good.

Darkmoon Faire this week too.  I should do some of that too.

I did manage to get my 5 timewalking dungeons done - though, that was a bit of a chore.  But it's fun I suppose.  I saw that Kyxyn and Crooked have got timewalking sets made - I think I might only think of doing that for DPS, not so much for healing.

Also, WAY behind on my conquest.  2 weeks of no conquest cap! BLEH! I suppose I only need 2 items of gear so conquest is a bit moot really.  I can even buy one now. So really, just one piece of loot, which I can get next week.  However... there is a 27k conquest achievement I need to do....

We did Archimonde tonight and with no Rag healing, it was a bit ugly.  Not to mention I was a bit rusty as well and kept stuffing up my range with Shadowfel burst, and wiped the raid a few times because I was too close to someone. There was a good moment of "rescue" when I accidentally stood too close to Yuuda and we both got the burst and he flapped down so that I landed first and then he landed a few secs later, so peeps catching us on the ground didn't die. But how often is that going to happen!

Not a great foray back into raiding after 2 weeks, but it will get better on Wednesday, I'm sure. I missed you, my dear Frostwolves!