Raiding - it's still going!

I have had a lack of posting lately because I have been unable to connect to the internet on my 4g device on my Surface! Which is a disaster when I'm at work because I can't enter any of the workplace based assessments that I need to do, nor can I upload my Continuing Professional Development activities - and even bigger disaster I can't write my blog LOL!

But, what's been happening...

Raiding is as usual a bit bleh on the Thursday but on Wednesday we were REALLY short of healers because Yuuda was working, Rag had no internet, Nok was tired and it was just me and Bish and we used Owl to heal offspec. It pretty much meant we couldn't do Archimonde but we did do Mannoroth, Iskar, Xhul and tried to do Fel Lord.  It seems very strange that we could do Manny and even Xhul (Xhul was the cleanest kill we had ever done - perhaps having 3 hunters had something to do with it) and then we just wiped on Fel Lord. Like, wiped A LOT. OK, I admit the first wipe was my fault, I got hit by a wave when I had the debuff from soaking. It may have been low powered heals or it could just be everyone has forgotten what to do. Either way Wednesday was a bit of a disappointment. There were some funny bits though - I mean, it wouldn't be a Frostwolves Iskar unless there was one wipe! This time Owl was healing and had the orb and we were yelling to him to dispel and he didn't have it on his bars so we blew up. I laughed and he said that he was quickly trying to find it in his spellbook and it was like trying to dispel....

"With your foot?" I quipped.

"And blindfolded," he replied.


When Thursday came around I was a bit late because I had a work meeting. They were scraping numbers for raid and it almost loooked like we wouldn't be able to raid. But we managed to scrape by with alts and we had to beg Crooked to come help from Kilrogg because we just didn't have the heals or DPS for it. I also managed to drag Balkoth into the raid on his horde alt - nobody knew who he was and I told him not to speak because I had no idea whether he would be like other mythic raiders that had come along to "help" us in raid. It's funny, because my friends who have come along to help are all altruistic with their intentions - they want to help, they don't care about loot, happy to take leftovers as long as no guildies want it, don't mind about getting locked out of loot for a boss. And don't get me wrong, I do understand that people give up their time to help and would like to be rewarded for their time but it is always so much less hassle when I bring my friends because they don't mind helping out, don't mind being dropped and don't mind not being asked to come back when we have enough of our own to raid.

So I guess I was afraid that he would say something about our strats, think we are scrubs or make elitist comments. But I should have known better than that because he just quietly DPS'd and didn't say much except "That spirit trinket is an upgrade for my shadow spec!". He did drop a reap in the middle of the room and he piles his reaps in a line rather than against the wall like we do but he said that is what he normally does and I hadn't asked him to stack on the wall. But we got through 6 bosses and I was happy with that. For me it was fun to be able to play with a friend that I don't normally get to play with. I worried that he didn't have fun but I shouldn't worry - he would have left had he thought it was not fun!

I am pretty sure that the Sunday raids will no longer be happening. Thursday is now the alts and casuals day. I might encourage people to bring friends for Thursday - one it will boost numbers and secondly it will make people more likely to hang around if they get to play with other friends.