How can the levelling experience be better for someone who hates alts?

There was some avid discussion in guild vent the other day in regards to the levelling experience. I was about to automatically switch off, because levelling is not my thing.  The whole levelling thing is just a chore that seems to have no relevance or meaning - I suppose it gives you the opportunity to learn your character's abilities and how to play it, but it is so UNFUN to me that doing it over and over to level alts makes me think I have so much more interesting and fun things to do in my spare time.

HK has been doing a Luxy and playing lots of guild wars and he was telling me about how fun it was, even to solo. Gathering in the game is different to WoW - the same node point can be gathered by everyone (in a way that treasures are in WoW at the moment I think) but the respawn time is long - 24 hours. Even when levelling or questing in guild wars, he told me that if you party with someone to help you with your quests their experience or rewards are scaled down to the level of that quest. I guess that means power levelling is out! But perhaps that's a good thing? More time for story then!

One of the ways people level quickly in WoW is by doing dungeons. I can see that would be a way to encourage people to play with others rather than solo playing (this is, after all, an MMO).

Kyxyn was saying that perhaps a good way to encourage people to do the levelling for the story (like other RPG games where you play for the storyline) is to give a bonus XP for finishing the entire zone, rather than skipping around to the next zone that would give you the most XP.

As a reluctant leveller, what would make me most likely to enjoy levelling? I would say, it would probably be a different story.  However, that means I should be levelling my alliance character, but I'm not. Why is that?

I guess it's because I'm not levelling with someone. I like playing WoW because of the social part of it - if I don't have anyone to play with then I get bored quickly. So, you may ask, why don't I just level with someone?

Well, that's because my levelling times are sporadic. Who would want to play with me when I only play at weird times.  And they'd have to wait for me.  That wouldn't go down well.

What other option could I have?

I heard that Guild wars 2 had a very good levelling system for the casual pve player.  End game stuff is PvP and stuff but the levelling experience is supposed to be enjoyable and the graphics are good - way better than WoW. Would having those things change my feelings about levelling in WoW?

I think that if each class had a different story in each zone then that would make the levelling experience more varied. GW2 has a different storyline for each class, which sounds rather cool. And I guess if you had a friend come help you then maybe they could get token XP given to them for helping you but then you can go with them to help them do their quests and have the reverse happen for you. Competing with another person for quest items or mobs sucks - though I admit that's been a lot better in WoW in this last expansion compared to previously.

I do like the level 90 boost that they did for WoD. If they do a similar thing for Legion then that would negate the whole need for levelling. I think I would pay for that, rather than sink my time into levelling through a zone I had done before.  Also from a financial perspective, that would be good for WoW, I think. It would appeal to the casual player who wants to see the new content but doesn't have to grind out 1-100, especially if they only want a short look at the game. WoW has typically appealed to the more dedicated gamer, which is why I think the environment can tend to be more toxic and less tolerant of new players, which is a bit of a shame. So for the casual player who may want to get immersed into the WoW story, perhaps expanding the lore a little more will entice them to play, even if it is for a short period of time. The drawback lately is that the game seems to be so reward focussed that the story seems to get a little lost, and when that happens those who are here for the lore tend to lose interest if they aren't raiding or chasing legendaries.

For those who aren't interested in reading quest lines or story, then dungeons and rapid questing can still be the key to rapid levelling, so hopefully it would cater for those who just want to do the end content as well.

It's interesting that I enjoy games like Last of Us which tells a story, yet I play WoW to reach the end game and it's not the story that entrances me, even though I do enjoy it when I do it that one time. I suppose though, that once I finish that sort of game, I don't tend to play it again - it's over and done. WoW has so many things at end game that I like to play and that tends to hold me in the game rather than going off to experience more story.

I don't know if I will level another character in Legion. I haven't really done it any other time in all the 10 years of WoW, so why would I start now? All I can say is that it would have to take something very interesting to make me want to go through that same content twice.


  1. Multiboxing was the thing that I used to level most of my alts. With the increased speed, and the newness of the multiboxing aspect of it I found it enjoyable when in the past leveling had often been something I didn't like. It was fun to me to focus on the best ways to control both characters to try and get efficient use of them without it just becoming one on auto follow. I enjoyed the complexity that it added to dungeons especially when playing a tank or healer as one of the two characters.

    1. That means I need another account.. right Cain? :P


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