Raiding - See ya Manny!

This fight is so much like normal except hurts a little bit more and pushes you back that little bit harder that once we did it, it didn't seem that hard.  Most people were still dying to gaze or being pushed off the platform.

However, on our 4th attempt at Mannoroth tonight, we did do it with just one tank up at the end.  And all of us DPSing it down coz we could feel that kill coming!  I'm just happy we got a screenshot this time (though it's not a particularly GOOD screenshot)

There were lots of things that I learnt doing this on heroic.  Like, I hadn't realised that you use the white stuff on the ground to slow you on the Shadowforce (which drops in phase 4 after you soak someone's gaze with them), and I didn't know that people running next to each other that both have Mannoroth's gaze will soak each other's gaze. I also found that I much prefer standing on Manny's back left leg than at his left arm.

We were so excited about doing Mannoroth that Kyxyn forgot to switch loot back to Master Loot after we had done Archimonde on personal loot...

So Manny was done on Personal loot.

And, wouldn't you know, the person with NO EPGP who would have been last on the Vanquisher tier table... that new mage Quad... got tier, AND he managed to roll heroic WF tier chest at that!  Grats to him, that lucky bastard :P Lushen got a polearm, Nok got tier and Yuuda got some legs (but not sure if he's going to wear them).  Aimei was moaning over the fact that Kyxyn got a loot (ring) that he already had.  Ah well, such is life I guess!  Oh and it was no surprise that Crooked didn't get anything... and yes he also managed to continue not to loot any personal loot on Archimonde.  I don't want to get him started, but personal loot really doesn't work out for him.

There were some parallels drawn between downing and Mannoroth and Tony Abbott.  We were distracted mid-raid because of the leadership spill.

Anyway a couple of looks at Archi, and it looks like it needs a lot of work.  Well, maybe everyone can carry me through it by the time I get back from holidays!  Two more raid days left for me!

Good work Frostwolves on Mannoroth, yay for 12/13H!