Patch 6.2.2 - We can fly we can fly we can fly

I heard that people said that flying was "underwhelming" on the PTR.  Pfft.

I can fly from my Shipyard to my garrison.  You may not think that's very important but it is for me! Those extra seconds make a lot of difference.

Doing my Tanaan Pet battles is heaps easier now.  I used to be lazy and only do the circuit around Throne of Kiljaeden, Fel Forge and the Hellfire Citadel.  Now I can do all of them.

Some of these new rares that popped up I only know how to get to by flying.  There is one inside Hellfire Citadel, Fel Overseer Mudlump, that I have no idea how you get inside the citadel to do.  A goblin hunter I was with said it can be done by the back of the citadel with some creative jumping from his goblin ability... but that doesn't help the rest of us.  The new rares are out towards the east of Tanaan, so there aren't many flight paths out there.  Also the new rares in Nagrand are in Highmaul so flying helped me there too.  The respawn timer on them was SUPER fast. I'm sure it was faster than half an hour on one of them at least.

Unfortunately, no toys or pets for me today, perhaps next time! Though I did pick up a Spike-Toed Booterang - that might be useful for annoying people who are flying which sounds great for PvP. Wonder if I can use it in Ashran?


  1. I only logged on briefly so I haven't really done anything yet, but my instant reaction was that it felt liberating.

    I think if you are already down on wow for other reasons, you'll be down on flying, looking for specifics about what it enables and how it benefits you. Sure it's a shame that it took a bit longer to come out, but I think the model used is the best of both worlds, and it is a positive change for now and the future.

    1. I'm not down on flying (or WoW for that matter), I just don't understand why so many people are so 'up' about it.

      All I hear/read is about how much more efficient certain activities will be... "it felt liberating" is finally an idea I can get behind!

    2. I would say it is both and they can be related.

      Things can be liberating because they are more efficient. Less time on pointless waste means more time on the fun stuff.

      They can be different things though and it will vary from person to person of course. For me, it is liberating in a practical sense of efficiency and in just a pure fun of flying sense.

    3. Flying is one of my forms! Instant flying is so gratifying that I am happy to see it returned :)


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