Guildleader chores - In Good Hands

Next week I'll be heading off for a holiday in Japan which is quite exciting!  However, I will miss raiding, but I am glad that the guild is in good hands when I leave.

In some ways I look at the guild like it is my child, or maybe like a garden. If I go away and don't look after it, it could die! However the guild is stable enough now, I think, that everyone knows what to do and what the rules are.  I used to feel like, if I didn't raid, there would be a bit of boundary pushing and the raid getting a little bit unruly. I haven't felt that way though since we started Draenor.

In fact, these days I am pretty quiet in raid - I don't even have to discipline anyone much except for the occasional slip where people say things that break the guild "rules" and even then it's not much other than a "Don't say that word....!" and people are very apologetic.  In fact, these days people are using rekt more often instead of rape (which is a good thing! I very rarely see rape talk these days - and certainly none in guild chat except for the occasional slip which is quickly frowned on so it's all very pleasant in my opinion).

I want to be able to kill Mannoroth before I go on holiday!  I do wonder if the guild will get Archimonde when I'm away - I'd be happy if that happened but I would also be bummed on missing out on it! And Yuuda would be able to heal all the time in my place (except Thursdays - that could be rather ugly if Rag isn't there to heal). Holycurves (Amayeti) is also back so that's an extra healer in the mix.  I'm not sure what will happen on Sundays as well - with signups for casual raid declining we may end up just not doing them anymore which will give me an extra day to do other WoW things (which will probably just be me doing more Ashran).

We may also have some new recruits this week. I'm not sure because they want to come and trial on Wednesday to see if they like the feel of heroic, and they seem pretty interested now (not so interested before). We'll see how they go - I noticed neither of them has the legendary ring but that just means less people to use it at the wrong time LOL.

Not sure if I should do holiday updates in here - it's not very WoW related. For those who know where to look they can keep up with my holiday updates, but in the meantime it may be not very daily here at the Daily Frostwolf after next Saturday!


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