Guildleader chores - Checklist before I go on holidays....

OK, only a few hours to go!  What do I need to make sure is done?
  1. Guild repairs permanently turned on.  Check!  Reduced the repair amount though - I wonder how much gold will be there when I get back...
  2. Tell Sev to get the EPGP addon.  If he whinges about it, he is getting an officer demote /wink. He now has to start EPGP and do all the loot and make sure the EPGP 15min reward is on.  Hope he can remember that.
  3. Tell Ash and Quad to behave themselves while I'm away and hit stuff harder
  4. OMG have to cap conquest for the week.  Thank goodness it's PvP night.  Just spent 2 hours in Ashran trying to get my 700 conquest.  Luckily there were also a few worgen there to kill as well. Kyxyn got into a different Ashran, LOADED with Worgen!  I envy him!
  5. Stockpile some Champion's Honour to use whilst I am away.  Some lovely guildies have generously given me theirs!
  6. Oh I forgot to do my mythic dungeons.  Oh well :P Any excuse not to finish them!  I did only have 2 to go.... should I get back online?
  7. Tell everyone to kill Heroic Archimonde and carry me for it when I get back.
  8. Oh should I have finished selling all those BoEs?  Nah they can wait till I get back, I reckon.
  9. I also forgot to nag Voe to NOT keep changing Kyxyn's appearance, because that really makes him mad. He's so childish....
  10. Send a message to Yuuda to not go out so late on Thursdays because otherwise raid will be short on Thursdays.
  11. Congratulate Crooked in advance for his class trinket on Archi this week because there's a good feeling going around!  Bish got his tier AND his cloak from Gorefiend this week so we never have to go back to Gore again, so I'm thinking Crooky is going to ride this wave of luck to victory!
  12. Hmm, should I pack my crochet or not to finish on the plane??

Oh raiding, I will miss you!  Shipyard, I will NOT miss you!