Getting that Predator Title

I saw Euphyley writing about the Predator title and I really wanted it, so I told Tacky, Crooked and Dan about how she said to get it.

To get the title you have to kill Xemirkol, a rare in Tanaan that's in a different phase. Euphyley said that you need to complete these things to be able to get to him:
Picture from Euphyley.  I was a bit excited and FORGOT to take a pic! What is with me lately and forgetting to take pics?
Xemirkol has a really long respawn time (18+ hours), but people on Wowhead said that it reliable spawns after a reset.  Another bummy thing is that he is a tagged mob not a shared one, so once someone tags it, if you're not in a group with them, you won't get credit.  The only way to get to him is to use the Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal - some people had said stand close to the area and using the Hunter's Seeking Crystal works as well.

I missed when servers came back up on Wednesday morning (3 hours earlier than what I thought!) and it wasn't up then.  Xemirkol is found at that dot in the map pictured above.

Tacky went to the spot after raid and used his crystal and shouted on Ventrilo that he was at the rare! I yelled for an invite... maybe 4 times and was getting panicky when I wasn't getting invited.  I flew to the spot (yay for flying!) and I actually used my Hunter's Seeking Crystal.  Dan and Kyxyn were in the raid group and used their Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal but unfortunately got ported to some other rare.

Whilst we were there someone else arrived and started hitting on the rare, which was a shame, as it turned grey for us. Everyone was sad, and then we thought we'd let him die, but I recognised the name - he was a tauren warrior from Lotion, the top guild on the server - and he probably wasn't going to die any time soon and would likely be able to solo it.  So I whispered him if I could invite him to party and I sent him an invite.  He joined the raid, and I hit Xemirkol and he went from grey to red so I said in vent that I had invited him to party so hit the rare.  Crooked hit it, but Tacky didn't - he didn't hear me about hitting the mob, and when Xemirkol died, Crooked and I got the achievement.  I felt bad that Tacky didn't get it, and that the others missed out too.  Hopefully I can help them get it.

Yeah... that's a lousy pic. Whoops.

Everyone talks about not getting punted off the platform so I rapidly placed myself with my back against a wall hoping I wouldn't fall off. All the agro was on the warrior anyway, so Xemirkol wasn't hitting me.  Apparently he has a few abilities (Shadow Crash, Shadow Zone, Mind Blast, Carrion Blast) and 2.617million health.  I didn't see all these, but if you're planning to solo him, make sure you're dodging and interrupting stuff.

It would be awesome to be a mail wearer so I could wear that predator mail hat!  Here is a pic of me wearing it in Mogit.  It would be cool to look like this and have the Predator title.

And here I am showing off my cool new title.  Cows are not very impressive predators, but a green fire kitty is a much more impressive one!  Good luck with your title and send me links of your cool title pics!


  1. Congratulations! I'll need to work on this someday. Is this one of those titles that is "unlocked" on each character after you get it or is it actually account wide?

    1. Unfortunately it's for each character - I just checked!

  2. Meh .. been trying to get this for a while now .. no success so far.

    Congrats to you guys though :-)

    Nice to know the hunters seeker crystal (the blue one) works .. I'd seen some say they thought it should, but wasn't sure. I wonder .. as the achievement for killing all the other rares is account wide .. does that mean my alts with the blue crystal also all have a chance at landing it?

    1. I didn't think I would get it because I am crap at camping things. It's because of Tacky and I hope I can help him get his next time.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! This is one of those things that probably would have been easier early on or really late. I guess i fit in the really late box!


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