Geek talk - New luggage for my kids

So how cute are these! My kids are a too big now to take their Gruffalo Trunkies on holidays (and hubby Hyad hates them - even though they are supposed to pull them along more often than not he ends up carring them and they are awkward to carry). So I started looking for trolley luggage bags for kids.
I do like Frozen but I am averse to buying a Frozen or Thomas the tank engine luggages - firstly they are too small to be practical in my opinion and eventually they will outgrow them. So I started looking for colourful "grown up" luggage.

There was a fair few Disney luggages around and I thought I would try my luck with "Star Wars luggage" on Google and the one pictured above came up. I was sold! Browsing "Marvel luggage came up with this Captain America's shield luggage as well as an Avengers comic one. I also managed to find cool looking Batman and Superman luggage too in the same store ( It was a tough choice but I ended up with these two and I am thrilled because not only do the kids love them but I will also be fighting to have my turn using these carry-on luggages.

2 sleeps to go!


  1. That's an excellent excuse to buy some geek luggage.

    1. I thought you would like that excuse :P

  2. That's awesome. I'd highly recommend browsing as well for similar nerdy stuff! One of my favourite websites. :-)

    Cheers, Brone

    PS. Have been thinking of transferring my horde alt to Saurfang and would be honoured if I could join the Frostwolves (if possible)... may be catch the odd alt raid or something. Would you be ok with it Navi?

    1. Of course that would be OK Brone! After all, my alt is in your guild too :P


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