Broken Archaelogy - Figure of 8 bugs

I thought that with the addition of flying in 6.2.2 that I would have fun doing my pet battles and archaeology. However, there has been a slight hiccup with that.

Dig sites are buggy and not working properly with strange figure of 8 patterns.  Here is a pic from reddit, and here is one of my digsites.

I have had the "figure of 8" bug on 2 dig sites now - one of which was buggy and I couldn't complete the digsite because I was being pointed to an area that wasn't in the "8" and I couldn't dig there, even though having gone along the full edge of the "8" there was nowhere else to dig and it was clearly pointing into a section that was not in the highlighted area.  The second one I managed to complete successfully.

I could randomize the dig sites, but that's annoying and it doesn't really fix the problem because I could just get another figure of 8.

Hopefully there will be a fix with this restart tonight! Or maybe the next maintenance...


  1. Oh well there you go!! I came across that the other day and thought I'd just got an individual "dodgy" site. Luckily I managed to complete it by "reaching" the target by working my way around the edge of the "hole" .. but it did take a lot of time and effort. At least if it's a bug, it's likely to get fixed at some point :p

    1. I now have 3 sites that I can't complete! Annoying! I am tempted to randomize my dig sites though... but what a waste having to do that =/

  2. this is good.....Interested in playing the game, then maybe we can take a look at


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