So what does it take for me to level....

So, I am trying to level an alliance panda.  Why?  For an achievement.  And it's not even THE achievement (as in having a max level horde toon and max level alliance toon). I'm about to tell you why, but trust me, you will just laugh your ass off at me.

So I am levelling a panda to keep HK company as he levels his panda.

Why is he levelling a panda?  He has Aimei, his main, which is a panda.

We're levelling as Alliance Pandas.

But that doesn't explain why he is levelling another toon.

Well. I asked him to, that's why.  I asked him to use his 90 boost which he hadn't used yet to boost a panda so....

... wait for it...

... so me and Tacky and Kyxyn can kill it for our Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui achievement, which is to kill 500 Pandas in Draenor.

Perhaps it would have been easier to just go to Alliance and pay someone some gold to stand around for half an hour whilst we killed them.

Perhaps it would have been easier if I'd done this when Ashran first came out and spent more time there.

Perhaps it would have been easier if instead of stuffing around in my garrison I should have been out in Ashran bumming around instead.

Anyway, whatever the reason, there are now two Pandas levelling on alliance, raised to be slaughtered.  Instead of calling them Fodr and Foddrbuddy, perhaps I should have named them Lamb, Pig or Chicken.

Now, if only I could actually do some levelling for more than 10 minutes at a time before complaining about being sleepy.  I might actually be able to get to level 91 and get started on this achievement.

The funny thing about levelling was that I saw stuff that I had forgotten or didn't know about.  For example:

Me: Hey, look it's Aknor! From Flamebender in Blackrock Foundry!  I didn't know he was here...
Everyone else: NAVI!!  What!!! How did you not know that??

Everyone else: Hey you get to rescue Yrel!
Me: When do I see Yrel?
Everyone else: Umm in the beginning, don't you remember?
Me: How can I remember, on the first day there were 1000 people or more standing in the same spot covering everything!

Me: Oh, I don't remember breaking a dam...
HK: You don't break a dam, Khadgar breaks the dam.  What do you mean you don't remember...
Me: I don't think I've seen that before.
HK: Trust me, you have.  Geez your memory is so bad!

Anyway, I will work on it this Saturday.  I must hit 91 on Saturday.  Surely it can't be that hard, I've done it once before....


  1. Why not do it the regular way? Is the achievement so important you need to cheat?

    1. Pandas are hard to come by in Ashran and I will only have till the next expansion to do it. I've been doing it for months now, and I do Ashran about 4 hours a week (and prior to the patch I was doing it sometimes 6 hours a week). And still I am only on 200 pandas. I was working more on it prior to 6.1 when Ashran had groups and Panda killers were more frequent. However, I can't complete the rest of the Nemesis until the I finish this one so if i get this done quickly, I could get to the others and finish those off before the next expansion. Fortunately only humans and worgen to go after that so hopefully will finish it and get the title.
      I thought about the man hours behind farming the achievement, and if I average 5 pandas in 3 hours (which is lucky to say the least if I have any pandas in Ashran) I need 180 hours of Ashran to get my Pandas. If I level this way I should be able to level to 91 in 3 hours (I am a slow leveller) and then if I farm HK's Panda (with Xyn and Tacky) then I can get it done in 100 minutes. The other option I had thought was to go to a PvP server and slaughter every panda I see in the levelling zones with someone. But that's not fun for the poor person levelling - IF i can find a Panda.

  2. Not only do I love this idea, but I fully endorse it. Love it!

    1. It's kind to all those poor other Pandas out there. At least I will be killing myself instead of killing some poor other Alliance Panda who will get the poos with being farmed.

  3. Hee hee -- whatever it takes, Navi, whatever it takes :P

    And in answer to Anon above -- I don't PvP at all, but apparently accomplishing this "the regular way" is difficult to near-impossible because there aren't enough Alliance pandas in Ashran and the BGs.

    1. That is true! And BGs don't even count towards the achievement. It has to be Ashran or out in the world.


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