Raiding - A great finish for the raid week

The raid week went well, in my opinion!  This week we started at the beginning but we may be skipping the first 6 next week.

The quick clear went well and then we had some really good goes at Xhul'horac on Thursday, which was quite encouraging.  That fire everywhere was as annoying as hell though.

Sunday's raid also did everything we expected - we got to Mannoroth and cleared it (we did have some messiness) but at least we got there and we left Archimonde for Monday.

Aimei/HK and I were discussing it today, and I said I was excited to get more Xhul attempts in.  HK said as long as it doesn't take 2 hours to get Archimonde down like the previous week.  I poo-poo'd him, saying that now everyone has the idea of how to do the fight it will be like Socrethar or Gorefiend.

And guess how many goes it took to do Archimonde?

It was a one shot.

It was still messy, but cleaner than last week. This time Yuuda and Sev went in with Aimei on that last banish and Archimonde didn't heal up. 7 of us got loot, with 4 of us getting bonus rolls in a raid of 20. And I even got loot - I got my class trinket!

So that left us PLENTY of time for Xhul'horac.

We were doing well most of the night.  We had 6% and 3% wipes and consistently getting down to that level before fires all over the place and explosions seemed to get out. Nok asked if he could switch to Mistweaver because he wasn't doing much dps as he was out blowing up fires, and we ended up killing it after that.

I had a dumb moment, I fell off the edge of the platform as I went to drop my void debuff. Interestingly, it's still called "Doing an Ultra," when he's only done it once and I've done it twice now. I shouldn't argue, really.

Fires was co-ordinated well between Nok, Lushen, Sars and Crooked, who were quite vocal about it on vent with what they were doing. I'm not sure if the extra heals helped for our kill attempt, because I was worried about not enough DPS but it turned out ok.

Lucky me was having a loot night as I managed to score Tier shoulders as well!  Owl and Falln also got their Tier shoulders and Sev got a weapon.

And we DID get a pic!

It was lucky too, our last go for the night. Isn't that always the way?

Good work Frostwolves! Next week, Fel Lord!


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