PvP - Hard achievements knocked out for all

Friday night PvP was not only a lot of fun, we even managed to get some cool achievements!

The night started off surprising because Shab thought we could give it a go doing boomkin, afflock and resto druid arenas.  I was not very keen but after we won the first one it was encouraging, and we also won a second, but then they figured it out and we couldn't beat them anymore.  Time for some BGs!

We had some good wins and some lousy ones, but the theme seemed the same - a paucity of healers on horde side, so luckily me and Shab were both queuing as heals.

We got into a Gilneas and a rogue there seemed excited to have healers, and it was a good BG because people were listening to calls for defence, even though we had a few zergs and were losing for a bit.  However, we managed to claw back to two bases even though we were far behind, and I wasn't sure we could win.  2 bases tick at 3 per tick compared to 1 base with 1 point per tick and as we reached 1430 it was clear that we were going to win if we could hold our 2 bases, and it was exciting as we overtook them at 1480.  I was practically screaming in excitement!

Now why would I be screaming?

I forget how many years ago it was when I was PvPing with Shab and we were in Gilneas and we were winning but Alliance capped a flag we were at and I said to Shab "Leave it, we'll still win, I want the achievement Jugger not," as we would have won it with less than 100 points ahead of alliance.  He poo-poo'd me and recapped the flag saying he wouldn't throw a game just for an achievement.  Since then, every time we do Gilneas I say "Remember when you wrecked my achievement...?"

And we have done a LOT of Gilneas. So that's a lot of nagging and moaning, on my part.

So, when we did get the achievement I was so bloody happy.

We all got the achievement and Shab got Master of the Battle for Gilneas as well. Then I decided to go on and on at him about that achievement and how we missed out on it years ago...  lol, worst friend ever.

Crooked joined us later and we went into Silvershard mines and he thought he would try again to get Mine Cart Courier. Sev went with him and together they managed to turn the cart at the last few seconds.  They had a good run after that, getting all the carts and alliance were rallying near the end.  They both got their achievement and I was pleased for them, and Shab said as long as we win, he doesn't mind achievements.

We would win it with one more cart.  Sev switched the east track to go back down towards lava and then we decided to hold that cart. However, Alliance switched it back and suddenly we were heading towards the top, and they controlled two carts and would win.  We won in the nick of time, right before Alliance's cart was captured.  Phew!

I was complaning that I wanted a flag running BG and suddenly WSG popped. Sev was being silly and running into some boxes near the door to head out, and he looked like he was disconnecting.

"Err.. I'm stuck," he said, as he tried turning and twisting his way around.  Eventually he managed to back himself out, by walking backwards. Crooked ran in there and he got stuck too. I was laughing - was he going to be stuck there for the whole time?  Fortunately for Crooky he managed to get free when the doors opened.

Some people in the room were talking in /say about us being silly, and one of them spat on me (and apologised instantly).  Well, we'll show them we aren't just a bunch of idiots. At first a hunter took the flag then ran away from me and unsurprisingly, he died. After that one of us ran it and we won that WSG 3 to 0.

All in all, it was a good PvP night!