Navispam - My favourite artist, Sleeping Fox!

I have been wanting to take a picture with Sleepingfox in game for a long time, but she had quit WoW and playing other games but she sent me a message today to tell me she was going to play free for 7 days and wait for news of the upcoming expansion.

In case you have forgotten who she is, she does some awesome art and I commissioned a great number for my guildies as well as for myself!  My avatar, which is my face all over the place was the first commission that started a flood of WoW Sleepingfox chibis - all amazingly adorable and brilliant!

Anyway, it was a perfect opportunity for a navispam!

So we met up in Mogu'shan Palace, since we were unable to meet cross server (thank goodness for instances!) and took a pic!

To be honest, I was surprised she was a male tauren.  She did this picture of herself and I swear I thought it was a female.... until I looked closely at it.

We spent a while trying to get cats to sit on our laps.  It appears that cats do not want to sit on tauren laps!

Thanks Sleepingfox, hope you hang out in WoW for a while and keep up the amazing artwork :D


  1. It works! You have to make sure the cat companion is targeted, and use the /sit command. Just using x won't cut it. My bombay cat wouldn't sit there long, but long enough for a picture :D (and yes, I logged in a little known Tauren toon of my own to test this!)


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