Silly post - Hellfire Poetry as requested by Tome of the Ancient

It's epic verse time! If you're not a fan of my silly poetry - then feel free to skip this post :D

This latest raid, in Hellfire - a Citadel so vast
Is full of funny little things, you may have wandered past.
Like Iron Reaver - did you know, it's not an it, it's SHE
(Think Sorka, Ga'ran and Marak - ladies of THAT Foundry)

So why is Graggra even there? This mob off to the side?
Perhaps it's there to make PuG raids a more exciting ride.
Coz if you tell them to hug right you KNOW what that will do
I s'pose they'd figure that one out when Graggra one shots you.

And why are little phoenixes chained up high in Iskar's room?
I guess it's so the winds won't sweep the fellas to their doom.
There are no rolls on BoE's it's now a personal loot
No more leaders stealing stuff then giving PuGs the boot.

The trash mobs before Socrethar are harder than the boss.
And watch your feet at Xhul'horac or your raid will mourn your loss
Falling off the edge this raid can occur quite frequently
At Xhul and Mannoroth, Iskar - and Archimonde - you'll see!

You may miss Grom once Zakuun's down if you run off ahead
He beats up Zakuun's body and you think "Grom! He's DEAD!"
That scene of Gul'dan as he brings Archimonde to our realm
It's cool the first or second time, but by 10 I'm underwhelmed.

But Khadgar, he must take the cake for the most useless chump
His portals take you 60 yards (maybe give or take a jump)
You'd think that once you'd killed that creepy rezzed-up Mannoroth
You'd get a port to Archimonde - but no, Khadgar's a sloth.
He makes you take a portal up, then run across again,
Then take another portal up to where Mannoroth was slain.
One final port to Archimonde - would ONE port be that hard?
(I bet he's one of THOSE mages who makes ports to Stonard)

So look around you when you raid, or you may be like me
Just staring at health bars and loot - I often fail to see.
And if there's something I have missed, do please let me know
Coz really do I need more proof for peeps to think I'm slow? :D


  1. Excellent and witty.
    Regards Ulyesses

    1. Thank you Ulyesses! And thank you for visiting!

  2. Yay! Thank you! You sure haven't lost your rhyming touch!

    1. I thought you'd like a bit of silly :D

  3. Very nice! I hadn't see that you do these before, well done!

    1. Thanks Casually Odd! You can torture yourself more by clicking on the Epic Verse tag and see all of the crazy rhymes I wrote LOL


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