A Frostwolf Transmog for a Frostwolf Guild leader

I have enough bag space issues as it is, and Kyxyn was nagging me about getting the Battlegear of the Frostwolves, which is transmog gear that you buy from Shadow Hunter Denjai in Tanaan when you are revered with Vol'jin's Headhunters.

"I think that the GM of Frostwolves should dress like a Frostwolf," he said.

And so I complied.

It's actually more of a war harness type of outfit, but I am not a fan of showing off my fur, especially in the midriff where my fur is a slightly different colour to my legs.  It's just not a very good look.  I does look better if I have the reddish colour.

But! Brawler's shirts to the rescue again!

This time I am wearing Sightless Mantle and I am doing something different - I'm using a fist weapon and offhand.  I actually don't have many fist weapons to transmog to, so I bought Claws of Agony off the AH for a very reasonable price. And I'm using Book of the Dead as my offhand transmog - I have so many different coloured books in my bags for transmog!

I'm sticking to Wolfshead Helm for now as the helm mog and I think it looks alright for a Frostwolf GM, don't you?


  1. Why is your fur grey/green? It looks like the mould you get on an orange.

    Aside from that, looks great!


  2. You know, I was expecting something like this sooner. Nice job!

  3. I agree -- the Frostwolf GM *should* have a Frostwolf kit! Looks good!


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