Raiding - We Soc'd him a good one!

Wednesday's raid made me roll my eyes.  You know how you get complacent when you think a fight is easy? Well, it felt like everyone was thinking that on Wednesday.  For EVERY fight.

Hellfire Assault.  Dreadfully sloppy.  At one point we had 3 Terrors up.  The raid damage from stuff like that was bloody terrible.  6 people died on that fight.  People weren't focussing the adds down and just hitting whatever, it felt like.  I'm not sure main assist was working though.  I think Nok died at one point and I rezzed him because he was supposed to be main assist.

The Iron Reaver.  SO MUCH FIRE. The first attempt, he had more health than he had previously before taking off and then a lot of people died during the second ground phase.  We had to wipe it, and after a stern comment from Kyxyn the next attempt was better.

Council was alright, and Kormrok had a weird issue with people not doing the empowered runes properly. One ended up under the melee and then it went all over the place, instead of towards the middle to collide with one of the other runes.

We had to wipe on Kilrogg because a tank died early and we had used our rez on someone else.  But the next attempt was ok, except for Voe running a heartseeker towards me on the right instead of to the middle.  Adds getting close to the boss was a problem also and it drives me nuts when me or Rag have to call out adds when the DPS should be doing killing that stuff.

Gorefiend at least went down and we had a little bit of time to spare at the end of Wednesday so we had a look at Iskar because there wasn't much point in clearing trash to Socrethar when we wouldn't get many goes at it (and with everyone playing like goofballs then it would have been a waste of time anyway).  I have to say that it was kinda fun to do Iskar on heroic.  The winds are faster and we had lots of us falling off. On our 2nd and final attempt on Iskar, Crooked was running trying not to fall off the edge and someone decided to throw it to him just as he was falling off and suddenly we had no Eye of Anzu.  I died that attempt because fat fingered Yuuda threw it to someone else and I also got blown off the edge despite displacer beast and roar. I found the whole thing rather funny - maybe it was because it was late at night, but it looks like a fight that's doable.

Thursday we were all getting ready for Socrethar. AGAIN.

This time we had 5 healers - Rag, myself, Yuuda, Bish and Rowyn. Our plan was to extend phase 2 as long as possible to get more damage on the boss because if we didn't kill him by the second phase 2 it was enrage and game over.  We would need Socrethar's health to be at least 49% after that second phase 2.

It was Rowyn's first time and I prepped her on what to expect (and she had watched the 2 min video already) and she actually did the mechanics very well.  She ran the fire to the correct side, though she did take the orb for a bit of a stroll Ultra-style one time, which we don't encourage because if you're targetted for the charge and fire next time you will be out of position and end up with a bad fire. We had a few people get stuck in the Fel Prison on various attempts and HK/Aimei made some dreadful Felblaze Charges and left fire trails at really bad times twice during the night that caused a wipe.

However we made some changes over the night which worked rather well. I got Rag to beacon the first two Man'ari, and then Yuuda and I would do the next two Man'ari, so healing them was much better.  Duck and Dan started interrupting the casters more and so they didn't get their horrible casts out as much.  Aimei started hitting the Dominator more as well.  Ghosts were better, as everyone was getting used to lining up with the fire. The second phase 1 was better because there was more direction on where to go instead of the free for all that it had been previously with people milling around trying to figure out where they should be (me included).

It was late and we had just had our 11th wipe and there was less than 10 minutes of raid time left. People were tired - Bish and Rag were waning and Kelthal left because he was really tired.  We ready checked and had everyone wanted to have one more go.

And OH MY GOD, we got it.  Poor Kelthal, he missed the kill!

And this time we managed to get a kill pic!  I did it before we did loot so everyone HAD to be there.

And loot... now this was different!

THREE glove tokens of... not vanquisher!  Three glove tokens of Protector dropped.  Those guys were VERY happy.  Luxy, Aimei and Madcow were the lucky winners!

I was in the poops because there are 4 items that Socrethar drops for resto druids, 3 of which I would like.  And of course I rolled the one that I don't want.  Yuuda got the cloak with a socket however, which was awesome.  The rest of the loot was sharded but we all wanted Tier, and it was great to see everyone getting some Tier!

Everyone was so happy - and poor Kelthal will have to hear about it when we see him on Monday for raid, where we will be having a go at Iskar.