Raiding - Still going on Socrethar

We had all night on Socrethar and I think we made some progress but still not quite enough - we hit enrage and died and he still had a fair amout of health.  That tends to suggest we haven't got enough DPS, but when you consider that the construct does a lot of damage...

... then you would think we should spend longer in Phase 2.

The night went a lot better though. It's funny how on normal you can just kill it in our first phase 2, and then you think you're doing all the same things but it just doesn't seem to gel.  We used to tank at the portal, but now we've moved to the middle of the room and that seems to be a bit better.  Ranged with Man'ari are now standing between Socrethar and the ghosts instead of off to the side (though in reality, it doesn't matter so much if the ranged stand off to one side and get a ghost coz they can kill it).

Mana is absolutely shocking for that fight.  Phase 1 is ok, it's just phase 2 draining all my mana, and keeping an eye on the Agony as well to dispel is also heavy.  I tried healing it with Moment of Clarity for mana but found that was really lousy especially in Phase 2 with all those Gift of Man'ari.  I thought to myself that I really wish we had 2 paladins so they could beacon both of those gifted people and make healing a bit easier.  At the moment I'm trying to get them into a mushroom and keep lifebloom on the weaker one and two rejuvs but once we hit 4 I've been telling Yuuda which ones I'm healing and he can focus on the other two whilst I'm going all out.  Nok was healing with us and I have to say his healing with 4 set is amazing, so amazing it just blows the rest of us out of the water, it's that good.

It was overall an improvement, and people are getting the hang of the fight, so hopefully it won't be much longer before we kill it (and then it will become like Gorefiend - you wonder why we struggled on it, it was just making everyone comfortable with the fight).

On Sunday we got Xhul'horak down which was cool, putting us at 9/13N.  I did an Ultra and managed to fall off the platform when I was trying to run my debuff to the edge - how embarrassing. Nok had pugged it before so it was nice to be able to do the fight with someone who knew it. I was going to take a picture of the kill, but I forgot (and it's just normal, hopefully when we get a heroic kill I'll remember!). Duck was happy to get his 4 piece bonus (I passed for him - it would hve been my 3rd piece so he might as well use it since I'd probably bank it).

This Sunday will be the last time we'll be doing the first 6 bosses in normal as we'll be getting that 4th soul crystal thingie. It will be nice to save an hour and work on some of the later tier bosses!  Hopefully all raiders will pick up some tokens in the next raid week.  We can only hope!