Raiding - A small turnout but a good raid night

When I logged into raid last night I was the only healer.  Rowyn/Kaillynn was on call so she couldn't raid, Yuuda had messaged me saying he'd be late.  Rag was feeling sleepy and wasn't sure if he could stay awake. And we only had 11 people in raid at 855!  Talk about a meagre turnout - still enough to raid though.  Luxy, Sev and Ultra were very under the weather with colds/flu. And I heard rumours that Crus would no longer be raiding.

However it soon filled to 15 and then eventually to 18 and Yuuda managed to make it with Crooked doing a bit of healing to fill in whilst we waited for Yuuda to arrive.

Iron Reaver went a lot better. We got that down and happy people got some loot.  I still forgot to take a picture though!

Unfortunately, I had been in Ashran earlier in the evening and I was in a PvP mindset and I had so much foul language!  I really need to NOT hit push to talk when I'm about to let loose with some swear words.  I was having some really brain dead moments.  The classic one was when I asked Kyxyn if he could put markers up for Iron Reaver and the reply was:

"Umm.... they are already up?"


That got me a lot of prodding.  And then after Iron Reaver was down we had people sneaking in.  Sev joined the raid and I wondered out loud when he had arrived.  Everyone said he had been there all along and I was concerned over my lack of awareness until I realised I was being trolled.

Then Ultra joined and the whole thing started again.  I may have let a few more potty mouth words let fly....

I still don't like how all the ranged are killing the outside bombs and poor melee are running into the fire to get the inside bombs.  It should be the other way around!  Hopefully that will improve.

Owl and the warlocks seem to take so much damage in that fight!  I wonder if the warlocks had some of their defensives nerfed.  Or maybe they just have to actually pay attention to mechanics now LOL. I despair of getting them in range of healing and hope that Rag or Yuuda has them topped up.  I seem to be able to easily spot Madcow, Duck and Rag (who doesn't even need healing from me).

Council was actually very easy.  I just had to keep an eye for that ghost that goes across the room, but once I figured that out I was ok.  Healing was good, the debuffs were easy to see now that I had added them to my healbot and overall reap was done ok.  The leather loot that drops isn't very inspiring, and though more leather dropped it was sharded.

Oh and we got our first BoE!  Kyxyn got some plate boots which Madcow took at the end of the raid. It's nice to see that they still do drop.

We had a few attempts at Kormrok and Madcow had a big blow up and yelled at Nok (who had told Madcow not to run the runes that way) and that was awkward and uncomfortable.  I apologised for Madcow to Nok, and Crooked whispered me saying this is what happens when I start swearing.  I should exert a bit more self control next raid (and not do Ashran right before raid) and I'm looking forward to trying some new bosses on Sunday on normal.


  1. But you have that new PvP hat that covers your mouth! I knew it wasn't big enough!

    1. But I wasn't wearing it at the time!!! I have to find something that goes nicely with it though. I really want to find something so I can mog it.

  2. Swear words alone don't bother me, I occasionally swear when it is warranted. I just notice when there's a lot of it going on, and that makes me notice a lot of it is unnecessary. People adapt the communication methods of their peers, so when other people are swearing it's easy to slip into that rhythm. I particularly notice when effin becomes a substitute adjective for otherwise unremarkable situations.

    Also the audience needs to be considered, I guess I find swearing in a large group less acceptable than in relative privacy, it gets uncomfortable like when you get on packed public transport and a someone is loudly bombing left right and centre.

    1. I feel bad because I was all hyped up and unfortunately my mouth was a bit uncouth and I think once I start, everyone starts. I will try harder to better behaved.


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