Raiding - A new boss kill and laughing at raiders channeling their inner Navi

I make it very easy for people to make fun of me.  I have a dreadful sense of direction, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing for quests, I often forget to change my gear and talents, and I sometimes don't notice things like people joining the raid (or raid markers that have been there THE WHOLE TIME). I don't know how someone like me got into a raiding guild (let alone be the GM of one).

We got Kormrok down on Monday, and everyone was excited about that.  I somehow managed to do half the night not realising I had tree form instead of Soul of the Forest (and had been throwing out my heals as if I had SotF WHAT A WASTE - and not using tree form EVEN BIGGER waste) and we still managed to kill it.

Then Sev noticed.

"Hey Az, why are you using your PvP staff?"

Aza, who is the one who is always telling me about my gear, was horribly abashed.  Mortified.  I laughed.  I said to him I love him even more now because he is obviously channelling his inner Navi.

And, by the way, it's a long ass run to Kilrogg, even with Khadgar's puny little teleport.  Lots of people went the wrong way.  A few of our raiders were lost. More channelers of their inner Navi.

Kyxyn was impressed with the show of support for their observationally challenged GM.  Yuuda even piped in, asking Kyxyn if we could get some raid markers.  I am never going to live that Iron Reaver comment down, I think.

I should be talking about Kormrok.  And how I AGAIN forgot to take a picture of the killshot.  "Take a picture of one of the normal kills and pretend that's the killshot," everyone said.  BUT, I WILL KNOW THAT IT'S A FAKE SHOT, SO IT'S LIKE CHEATING!!

There was no angry yelling that day, much to my relief.  It was a much better raid.  We did have a few issues with overstacking and killing ourselves, and we had our raid cooldowns organised for healing so that was fun.  Three tier tokens were taken eagerly, so that was exciting.

Kilrogg is really fun too.  I don't like going to the inside bit, because I felt like mana got drained massively, and I had faerie fire so I might as well stay outside and do the slows.  Yuuda does more healing then me so he would do better with the healing buff anyway.  Heroic Kilrogg was different to our normal one because we had a LOT of ranged this time, and the ranged went into the inside zone, and it seemed to work well, except that the adds became a problem for a bit.  I'm sure those ranged tunnelers will get the hang of it.

Danleet came to his first heroic raid and he did really well! Kyxyn had the "I told you so" tone with me as I hadn't let Dan come before to heroic raids because his attendance had been a bit iffy, but his damage was good and he was trying hard and had been involved with the guild heaps - having another DK will help since we lost Hwired and Crusnik.

Looking forward to raiding tonight!  I have been offline from WoW for 2 days because of work stuff so I need to get back and do some of my shipyard and dailies and raid!


  1. Maybe it is a druid thing. Back in wrath I often tanked with my fishing pole equip. And my first Kormog kill in BRF I tanked in my healing gear. Healers did a wonderful job keeping me up, but I was wondering why the other tank kept pulling off me so easily. I don't get lost often, but I do forget to switch gear... a lot.

    We did Kilrogg (normal) this week with only ranged. It is one of the few times I really missed melee. Funny as it might sound, I did 8K less going in on the kill this week than I did staying out last week. Now that is the definition of "you're doing it wrong". 44K without the buff, 38K with it. Yeah, I did something wrong. But at least I wasn't wearing a fishing pole this time.

  2. "let alone be the GM of one"

    Because you were willing to put in the effort and suffer through the numerous headaches :P

    1. I was the slowest to step back from the volunteer line :P typical Navi style!


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