Raiding - Moving steadily along

Last night we were thrilled because we got Gorefiend down on heroic on the first attempt of the night.  It  may or may not have anything to do with the return of Kelthal (highly unlikely), or the absence of Voe (possible but unlikely).  After not getting very far last Thursday on it, it was nice to have a one shot of it.  The only person that died was me, and I was glad to have died because I clearly was not listening to Kyxyn when he announced a minute before the pull to check your gear and your specs, because I was in my PvP spec and trying to play like I was SotF instead of treeform... with barkskin and cyclone glyphs...

Anyway, adds seemed better controlled, healing was also very good and it all culminated in a tidyish kill. Feast of souls seemed rather short.  Kyxyn asked me if it mattered if a few of the ghosty things hit the raid and I said it probably didn't matter when we were using active healing cooldowns at that stage, but I do admit, when I saw them hitting us and health was a bit spiky I was a little concerned, though I shouldn't have been.

I won't deny that Sunday's normal raid helps a lot with keeping the continuation going.  Gorefiend was done well on Sunday, and we also killed Socrethar which was a new boss for us and didn't take long to figure out.  Our success on that drove us to try Socrethar on Monday after Gorefiend, but the translation to heroic didn't seem to culminate into much progress.

I was pleased to get my second piece of tier with a coin roll from Gorefiend (yay heroic warforged legs!) but I was sad to see all my haste being whittled away to mastery/multistrike.  Having two 2-set bonuses (T17 and T18) is quite nice, though I am not thrilled about the randomness of the T18 2-set (which is a chance for my lifebloom to bloom on a target) compared to the reliability of the T17 (3x nature's swiftness).  But, it's better than the lousy 4-set bonus on T17.

On normal we went on to try Xhul'horac, but perhaps it would be better if we tried something else. I've been thinking about how Sunday's raid is going to work.  I think once we get our 4 stones on normal then we will be skipping the first 6 bosses - but that's still another 2 weeks away.  There was chatter about getting tier tokens and things, but really, for main raiders, they will be getting the tier on heroic anyway so it's just getting tier for alts.  Hopefully everyone will be getting their tier tokens soon enough!

At least I got a kill pic this time!


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