Raiding - A good week in heroic raiding with new boss down

We were so close on that Kilrogg kill on Thursday.  I was playing extremely sub-par and Yuuda wasn't there so the 8% wipe was my fault because I wasn't feeling well and mucked up my job.  I didn't run into the zone, which meant tanks got controlled and healing suffered and we wiped. Pathetic.

We got it down on Monday though and I even got a screenshot this time!

Then we worked on Gorefiend.  Monday was not a good day for Kyxyn.  He kept disconnecting and then got very put out when we blamed the fact that he was a Mac user.  Many of the raiders offered to donate money for Kyxyn to buy a real computer PC and he may or may not have let out some rather ungentlemanly language.  It was funny though.

I even learned something. I did not know that if I pressed Shift+V that friendly target nameplates would come up.  See, still learning stuff after 10 years of WoW.  I wish I'd known that earlier.  At least now found it easier to heal the caster adds inside the belly.  It was horrible trying to find them before (since I only had enemy nameplates on). I think some of our raiders were slightly bemused about that fact.

We were three down on Monday and we still had 21 people. 24 raiders, that's just nuts.  I wonder how long that will last. Anyway, looking forward to getting more bosses down on Wednesday and making more headway on Gorefiend.