Minipost: Raiding - Yay Iron reaver down on heroic!

I ALWAYS forget to take pictures of our kills these days. I need Dragonray to come back and take pics for me :(

On Sunday we did normal and got down 4 bosses.  It was good because we saw the mechanics for the last 2 fights and it was useful to learn it, and they weren't as cakewalky as the first two bosses.  I thought that Kormrok looked a bit hard and wondered how that would go on heroic.

Monday rolled around and we managed 21 people again, which is a nice healthy number.  Rag, Koda, Rowyn/Kaillynn, Bish and I were healing and Yuuda was DPS, so we had enough to throw around. Voe was missing in action and Crusnik is still not around at night.  Iron reaver (which is a SHE by the way, because Siegemaster Martak from Hellfire Assault runs away during that encounter and jumps into the Iron reaver) was our boss that we were working on.  We spent the rest of the night getting used to the mechanics and we had some poor peeps who could not seem to get out of Barrage. We even had Arelion doing a single taunt for one section - there is a part where the tank swap seemed a bit funny and the boss moved around and the melee moved along with it and it just went a bit ugly.

But we kept improving and on our 16th go we got it. Phew!  Aimei thought it was a lucky shot but I think people were improving bit by bit on the fight.

We accidentally stuffed up loot because it was still on group loot instead of personal, so there was 1 item taken with EPGP, 1 offspec item P and 2 leather gloves which got the shard treatment.

After that we went to look at council, and that seemed to be doable, but will just need people to move appropriately and get the dispels just right!  I'm looking forward to raiding on Wednesday night - would be nice if we DON'T have a shutdown right in the middle of raid like last week.