Minipost: Mercenaries in Ashran are OPTIONAL you know!

There was a post yesterday saying that they were bringing in PvP mercenary mode in a future patch for Ashran. What that is, is that if there are some ridiculous queue times, you can speak to someone in your Draenor faction city (Warspear or Stormshield) and you can actually QUEUE for the other side and get in, and even look like the other faction.

You should see the number of comments raging about "Blizzard taking away factions" in about 10 different ways with just as many ugly words thrown in.  People on horde side complaining that all the bad players on Alliance side will come and clog up horde side and then horde won't be able to queue for Ashran.  Some people also seem to think that it's compulsory.

It's totally voluntary. You don't HAVE to queue as horde if you're alliance or vice versa.  The option is there if you want to have a shorter queue time.  But if you're like me, loyal to your faction, there is no way in hell you would be queueing as filthy alliance :P

I used to wish that maybe on one day of the year (perhaps Hallow's End!) we could dress up as the opposing faction for fun and talk to your friends on the other side. Just for one day.  Perhaps I can do it in Ashran instead - however, all the people I want to talk to are not the sorts of people who would do Ashran anyway....


  1. War always makes for strange bedfellows, I personally have no issue with the Horde seeing the Light albeit temporarily :p

    1. LOL it will most likely be going the other way!

  2. "But if you're like me, loyal to your faction, there is no way in hell you would be queueing as filthy alliance :P"

    But look at all this shiny gold I wanted to give you! And new shoes! And some awesome looking non-revealing transmog! I'm going to start crying here in a moment, do you really want that to happen?

    1. You still can't trade cross-server, you smartass, even if I will be cross-dressing. Cross-factioning... WHATEVER LOL

    2. "You still can't trade cross-server"

      Sure you can, just takes a little more effort (and a small AH cut).

      "even if I will be cross-dressing. Cross-factioning... WHATEVER LOL"

      Look, I understand you're nervous. The idea of trying to pretend you're a superior Alliance race must be difficult to come to terms with, especially things like not being able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the living room.

      So how do you think we feel about having to pretend we live in our own waste (that or cross-dress as a Blood Elf)?


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