Minipost - Garrison apexis dailies completing whilst I'm doing Tanaan Apexis dailies

I've been having a weird thing lately where if I take certain Garrison apexis dailies before I start my Tanaan ones, they complete.  I first noticed it when I picked up the Pit daily and came back after my Tanaan dailies and noticed it was complete. I know I definitely did not do the daily but I did kill some Iron horde.  I didn't think much of it, except lucky me.

Then I took the a different daily (it might have been Shattrath daily) and I went out to Tanaan and when I came back THAT was also complete. Is it because of certain mobs that are named the same?  Or there are other shadow council mobs around?

Anyway, that's one I have to ask the Devs.  I don't want to think I'm cheating some game mechanic or something.  Or maybe one of my readers can tell me why that's happening - perhaps it's MEANT to do that! I won't complain about the free gold or the free apexis crystals :D


  1. This is actually a bug that has been around since the beginning of the expansion. (honestly thought they had fixed it) You can pick up the one on the board, any one, and then go do another, yes any one, and it will give you credit for the one you did.

    Was kind of nice to pick up something like it pit one and go to nagrand and do my trick where you finish it in 5 minutes and then head back. But I thought that had fixed that a long time ago. Guess when 6.2 came out they broke it again.

    1. I did not know that! Well, at least that answers my question, thanks TGE!


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