I should like Timewalking but I don't... and other random thoughts

I adore challenge modes.  I love the team work and the communication, I love the sense of achievement as we get a medal or a good time.  I love that I get to be a real healer.  However, I know lots of people that think CMs are a waste of time because there is no loot or gold so what's the point?

I don't mind mythic dungeons.  Easier then a challenge mode with the bonus of getting loot - most of the time they are DE's but at least I feel some monetary compensation for my time, as well as getting to play with my friends.

Timewalking is a step down from that, with our gear being scaled back to that level, but I never run out of mana so it's not really an issue.  It's something that we can do with all our guildies, and even Kyxyn said that the timewalking weekend was great because we could do runs as a guild with non raiding guildies like Ayelena.  Unfortunately for me I slept through Saturday night (much to my disgust) and so I missed all the guildie fun - but I managed to go on Sunday, and it took about 1.5-2 hours to get it all done.

However, I think because of the time pressure, I found the whole thing a bit of a chore. And there is this weird thing where you can do it all again on Tuesday - however, you could only do that if you were home before 4:30pm on Tuesday because of that weird reset and the small window of opportunity to do the daily again.

The thing about timewalking is that though there is some nostalgia for me thinking back to the times when we used to do those dungeons (I remembered how horrible Shattered Halls was at level when I was trying to do it back in BC - this weekend it was WoTLK timewalking and there weren't as many stressful dungeons as in BC (I remember I used to hate Shadow Labyrinth). But I think I was more disappointed in myself that I didn't like the dungeons as much as I thought I would.

Perhaps it was because it was a chore, and I felt like I HAD to do it.  Whenever something becomes semi-compulsory (ie we get an extra seal so we can roll an extra time on loot) then it doesn't become fun.  I wondered if the dungeon, without the nostalgia, would be a good experience - however, I don't think anyone really stopped to look at the dungeon, or the mechanics or the story of those dungeons (wait, there's story to the dungeons?) and it feels like it's just another instance to run, without the meaning. Many would argue, who cares about the story, it's all about loot and sometimes the loot can be good but at my level it's not really very useful except for shards and extra gold.  Would a little quest line make it more meaningful?  Probably not.

Speaking of coins, I really should ditch the war mill.  I have kept it for a while now and I don't really need the coin from it.  I don't really need to upgrade any more followers either.  Most people have moved on to get the Ogre Waystone building, but I thought perhaps I should go with a barn or something so I could get that pygmy cow pet.  Once I got that then I could go and change it again.

Things to think about.  If I can be bothered to change my buildings!


  1. I need to pay more attention to guild chat. Had no idea guildies were running Timewalking. I would have been all over that.

    In saying that, I managed to squeeze in one on Tuesday morning. It was pretty cool, but yeah, knowing that there was no way on earth I could get the remaining four done before the event ended put a massive dampener on it, especially with 30+ minutes queue times!

    1. That would have been fun to play with you again Neri! Next time I'll poke you to get you online.

  2. "...I don't think anyone really stopped to look at the dungeon, or the mechanics or the story of those dungeons (wait, there's story to the dungeons?) and it feels like it's just another instance to run, without the meaning."

    I think this goes for all LFD/LFR groups but I really felt it in the timewalking dungeons. Some of those Wrath dungeons are really nicely designed and interesting but so few groups really look around and experience them.

    Also, since I have so many alts, running those again isn't really going back in time for me. Yes, the skill level is different running a timewalking version of the dungeon versus the current at-level version, but beyond that, no different.

    Oh, I did get a jukebox roll to drop from a boss, so that was good. And I guess you can get any achievements you missed, so another good. But overall, a solid meh from me.

    I plan to give them another try in the future but the main advantage of these dungeons over heroics or LFR (for me as a non-raider) is the better gear drops. I'm not against them and I'm actually happy some people like them, but so far, not me.

    1. Oh I got that Jukebox thing too! You're right I should look at that positive!

  3. I only managed to do two of the Timewalking dungeons and it wasn't as bad as I expected but I also wasn't that excited to do it. It was pretty cool to use Val'anyr though for the second dungeon.

    1. I wish I'd done that - lots of people said it was really fun using it.


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