Meta achieves in BRF and Highmaul - Gruul, Oregorger, Kargath, Butcher and Tectus

A fun night was planned - ACHIEVEMENTS!  Who doesn't love achievements?  Well Kyjenn and Madcow may not like achievements but I certainly do and everyone who felt like I did came along for achievements on Sunday night.

The Iron Price - Gruul, Blackrock Foundry

Aimei and I had been trying to figure out how to do the Gruul achievement The Iron Price.  I'm not sure if you can see it here but above Gruul in these pictures there are some Pristine Iron Ore stuck to the ceiling. There are 3 in total and the idea is to be knocked up into the air and click on them.  Get all 3 and kill Gruul and voila, achievement!

Here's a better pic of them from Wowhead.

The only way to get smashed up into the air is to be hit by Gruul's Overhead smash ability, which targets one raid member and then he does a cone like frontal attack which hurts a lot.  We discovered that the further you are away from Gruul when he does the smash, the higher you will go.  So, when you tank Gruul in the middle of the room like you normally do, and you stand directly underneath one of the ores, the distance from you to Gruul is not far enough to get you up that high.  So, you have to tank Gruul against a wall.

So you can see in this Boss Blueprint pic that I made, how we did it.  The tanks had to put Gruul against the wall, and we would put a marker underneath the ore we wanted to get. Before Gruul does his smash, everyone had to line up in a line towards that marker and then hopefully Gruul would face that way and do his smash.  It took us a few goes to figure that out, but once we did, it was easy. Anyone can get smashed up to the ceiling and click the ore, and it doesn't have to be the same person for all three.  I don't know if the person had to be alive at the end or not, but we had Aimei and Crooked clicking the ores, and we got the achievement after we killed Gruul.

He Shoots, He Ores - Oregorger, Blackrock Foundry

There is a little pipe hole near where you walk into Oregorger's room, which I've marked with a little arrow.  The Ore spawns behind where Oregorger starts (pink diamond).  In this achievement you have to get the ore and pass it from person to person to reach the pipe hole without dropping it.

Once you have the ore you can't move, and you get an action button to throw it onto the ground in a small circular area.  If someone is standing in that circle they will catch it, but you can only throw it 15 yards.  If Oregorger rolls over you, then you will drop it.

We had Arelion and Kyjenn tanking, and Aimei, Crooked, Arelion (and Kyjenn if needed) to pass the ore along the predetermined path we had laid out for them to move the ore.  It was mostly luck to keep Oregorger on that right side of the room, but occasionally he came to the areas that the ore-passers were in, and we had the ore drop a few times.  It was good to be in the intersections when passing so that if Oregorger did come your way you can pass it down the corridor away from where he was going and have enough time to pass it back the way Oregorger came from.  People had to also NOT dps the crates so that Oregorger would keep rolling around.  We had markers on our ore-passers and also tried to keep everyone out of that corridor so there was no confusion who to pass it to with people milling around the area.  When you reach the pipe, a cogwheel comes up so you just click it to deposit the ore.  We didn't know that and Aimei threw it on top of the hole the first time.  Once you kill Oregorger, the achievement dings!

Flame On! - Kargath, Highmaul

All you have to do for this achievement is make sure Kargath doesn't run into any flame poles. Which means, he will chase someone with his chop-chop slash until the time runs out.  It actually does hurt a little when he catches up to you, so it was fortunate that we had 3 paladins for this fight.

Crooked was super special, being targetted twice, I think, and Voe on his hunter was the other target, which is good because of deterrence.  A nice easy one to do!

I'm sure this is a Pop culture reference to the Fantastic Four's Human Torch.  He yells this when he goes all flamey.

Hurry Up, Maggot! - The Butcher, Highmaul

Tiny maggots spawn in the water around the Butcher, in the far corners.  To get the Butcher to kill them you need to tank him next to the maggot and get the DPS to stand on the maggot and he will cleave the DPS and the maggot will die.  There are 6 maggots and they spawn as soon as someone dies.  If you get someone to put target the maggot and put a skull on it, it helps figure out where to go.  It can get hectic as you run from end to end with the Butcher because someone will get cleaved and if they're alone it will hurt or at least the stacks build up fast!

More Like Wrecked-us - Tectus, Highmaul

We weren't going to do this achievement but just do the boss, but a ring-in friend of mine from Athanasy said it was really easy - just kill the 2 big ones together and then cleave all the adds down together. The achievement is to kill all 8 motes of Tectus within 10 seconds - so as soon as the first one dies you have 10 seconds to get them all down.  I thought we weren't going to get it as we had one go down early and another that was still quite high health, but we got the achievement in the end. Healing can be ugly if melee stand in dumb spots but otherwise it was also a relatively easy achievement to do if you just exercise a bit of control and can heal through the damage.

Looking forward to next week's achievement run.  I wonder if everyone will be able to avoid be stamped for Hans and Franz's achievement?