Guildleader chores - Time to upgrade my Ask Mr Robot

A few of my guildies have upgraded their AMR to the premium account - it's not much to upgrade but I am the LAZIEST add-on person ever. Aimei has premium and often tells me about my gear and what I should be doing, and I have looked at the AMR logs that Aimei puts up and they are quite good.  It seems like AMR has come a long way since it first came out.

Recently he linked me the Team Optimizer that they were working on.  I had a giggle watching it because Zoopercat (I am assuming that's whose voice that is in the video) was funny to listen to.

According to their website, Mr. Robot’s Team Optimizer helps you:

  • See how optimized the entire team is, on one screen
  • See how close everyone is to their BiS
  • Check the entire team’s iLevel
  • Rank items for each player, showing the % upgrade
  • When ranking loot, see what item is currently equipped for each player

This might be good when gear is being distributed - it might make people think a little bit before they just put their hands up for upgrades when they can see that there is someone who would benefit more from the upgrade. That is one of the drawbacks of our EPGP system really - a few people have said they like the idea of master looting, but really the only people who like that are those who are going to get the loot. It can sometimes seem unfair if an item is given to some special DPS over another one because of a role they play and it takes the predictability out of looting.  And it's stressful enough as it is with loot without people whinging to me about how unfair it is that someone already had a heroic item and they're replacing it with a heroic item when I'm still wearing a normal item.

I am not as fussed about loot as others, and I will pass on an item if it will benefit another person more - but that person had better attend as many raids as me or I will be cross that item doesn't get to see raid time!

I remember Nok whinging about paying the $12 and it doesn't sound like much - but everyone has to make the decision about how much money they want to spend on a game.  As an officer I think it's good that we have it, since we have to help run things.  I wouldn't expect any of the normal raiders to have it unless they wanted to pay fo rit.

At the bottom of the AMR blog page it says that bloggers, theorycrafters and podcasters get premium AMR for free. I couldn't figure how to contact them - the email link doesn't quite work properly for me and I felt kinda bad emailing them to say "Hey, I'm a blogger, can I have premium for free?" especially since I am a rather small time blogger.

Anyway, now that I have got the premium I should get the addon in game so I can do this team optimizer thing and see how it works and see if it's beneficial to our raid.  6.2 is just around the corner!  Can't wait to wipe EPGP and use a new addon and make life even more confusing for every Frostwolf raider LOL!


  1. "Can't wait to wipe EPGP"

    I take that as a personal attack!


    1. You know I am not far below you Xyn! It hurts me too!

  2. Your definition of "not that far below" and mine are vastly different!


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