Guildleader chores minipost - And here we are on the Guild bank Gold rollercoaster AGAIN

Last tier was good.  We made money from BoEs.  Guild bank was the healthiest it has ever been.

I am not sure why they decided to go down this rubbishy path again of no income.

Personal loot, which I have decided to put on for 2 weeks to see if we can get as many loots as possible, means that BoEs will be looted by individuals and they can keep them unless I specifically ask for them.

It feels really awkward to take the BoEs from people.  I don't like it, but how else do you make money for the bank?

Everyone said tonight that there was no need to worry about guild money because the bank is sitting on 500k at the moment, which is from selling BoEs during this last tier.  But if you look at progress nights where repair bills start coming out at about 700g and over, with 20 people in the raid, that's 14k bled out on just one night.  If that was three raid nights that's 32k.  A WEEK. I suppose that the guild bank could cope for 4 months without topups, because money still comes in from doing dungeons, raid and challenge modes.

Lissanna of Restokin was quick to write about it, and I agree for a big raiding guild that's a lot of dough to lose.  I brought it up in raid tonight and there were a number of suggestions including donating gold for EPGP (which would work for some people and probably not for others), or doing our own repairs (since we do make a lot of money now in WoD).  However, I like the guild paying for repairs, and I would like to keep it going.

Of course, the other thing is that with master loot I could DE the stuff and sell the shards.  Can't do that with personal loot.

I think with these things in consideration, we will go back to ML sooner rather than later. I had initially been thinking about doing 2 weeks of personal loot, but I have to save for the future! :D


  1. Blizzard really needs to rethink BoEs. They should not be personal loot and I am not sure why they even are. Did anyone actually complain about them being group loot that could be master looted? If a pug informs you that BoEs are for guild before you join, guess what, you have lost every right you had to complain about it. If they did not inform you, then your fault for not getting the loot rules before you joined, and if they ninja looted it but it was stated in chat clearly that it was free roll, report it, it is still against blizzards rules. So see, there is no reason why it should not be as it was. Any possible outcome has a solution. Blizzard needs to reverse this stance ASAP.

    Personally I never use guild funds to repair my gear in any guild I have ever been in. Never have and never will. It does not matter to me if the guild is offering them either. All I ask from a guild is that they are decent people I enjoy raiding with, talking with and playing with. If they meet those three requirements I see no problem paying my own way in terms of repairs.

    Maybe you can just tell the guild, doesn't matter who loots it, it gets rolled for and if no one needs it you pass it to the guild treasurer to be sold off for guild funds. That is exactly what we are doing with our BoEs and I've heard no complains yet.

    1. I only realised it was an issue when we had group loot on in our weekend raid and noticed that BoEs don't come up as group roll, and people looted them individually. Guildies of course handed them back, and though I made it clear to our one PuG (who was a trial, really) he didn't loot his trash and ended up with a warfarged BoE in his mailbox, which he equipped even though I told him that BoEs are supposed to be handed over. Well you can imagine how I feel about raiding with that certain individual again. Last night I told them that we should hand over BoEs, but I will see how everyone goes with that. I think people like having guild repairs and I would like to keep them going.

    2. You can also use this system to see who is worth keeping around. If someone is going to keep something for themselves and not do what is best for the group as a whole, perhaps you need to reconsider raiding with them. Just a thought.

      I know someone would really end up on my shit list if they did something like that.


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