Guildleader chores - Looting and which difficulty for raiding in Hellfire citadel?

In a previous post I touched upon whether we should be doing normal or heroic Hellfire citadel, and there were a few things supporting both sides of the argument.

Learning the fight on normal may make it easier to do the fight and be prepared for heroic.  However, the drawback is that none of the loot that drops is we already have an ilvl higher than what is dropping.  It may however be good for gearing up some of the lower ilvl of some raid members who are transitioning to new mains or just starting heroic raiding.

Yuuda also said that he thought it would be best if we started on normal also.  He said that our guild rarely reads up strats so we might as well wing it on normal and have fun doing it that way. But he will be happy with whatever way we go.

Crooked's opinion on normal was also evident on a previous comment and Aimei also thought that normal would be a better idea for learning.

I do however like being challenged at a level that I think my gear sets me at, and that level would be the heroic level.  The problem is that I have to be prepared for more wipes, and though I don't mind, the others may have an issue with that. After all, we are a guild that raids for FUN not for progression.  However, fun for me is a bit of challenge, so surely I can't be expected to sacrifice ALL my fun right? I do however realise that if it is too hard for us then we shall just go to normal, and that's ok.  At least we tried.

I asked the guild to send me a text or message about what difficulty we should be doing.  I only got two replies - one said normal, one said heroic.  Which means to me that they don't mind what we are doing as long as we are doing something. Kyjenn said that people would like to be led rather than given a choice because too many cooks spoil a broth.  I agree to some extent, but the raid team is a team and I would like to hear opinions if there are any.

EPGP is the next thing that I need to consider.  There are a number of changes to personal loot and I think that doing personal loot for the first week or two may not be a bad idea.  EPGP can build up appropriately with attendance and dedication for the first week or so and donations too. Doing normal however... nobody is going to spend EPGP on that loot.  I think if we do any normal we will have to make it rolls only so at least stuff is taken, and I suppose the shards will sell on the AH as everyone gets all their new gear that needs enchanting.  That's the other reason why I don't want to do normal - half the fun is seeing people getting shiny new loot.  There will be nobody taking loot in normal, I don't think, as we are all wearing Cache mythic stuff and nobody will want to replace their 700 mythics for 690 normals, even though we never did mythic ourselves.

I spoke to Balinar who was doing it on normal and he said the adds die very quickly and easily.  He was up to Kilrogg and said that was a bit difficult so I think we will switch to normal for that - which means I need to get a pug lockout for Normal Kilrogg.  I'm sure I can find something on group finder. I am looking forward to tonight... I can't wait!  I hope we've got our shipyards done!


  1. My guild is always a little bit behind yours in progressions so take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

    As a guild that is mostly in full heroic gear we are going to step into normal first to get a feel for the fights and then move to heroic after. It just seems to make sense to do it that way, it gives a much larger margin for error when learning the fight and it still offers gear that might an upgrade, even if not huge in many cases. So I do not see any downside in trying it on normal first for us being we are not rushing for realm first and are just a casual guild. Heroic can wait a week or two.

    As for loot, we will go master loot in an effort to try and pin point focus drops to fill in whatever weak spaces someone had left over from last tier that they never got a drop for. I think that will work out best for us. Not exactly a loot council so to speak, but the regular members are all reasonable enough to understand that sending it to where it is best used is best for the team as a whole. So I will discuss drops with the group on normal that first week and direct it as I (we) feel it would best help us all. It makes it a great way to gear and learn at the same time.

    1. I have never been comfortable with loot council because people always feel like they're entitled to something and you get disgruntled people. However, if everyone is ok with it, and everyone realises that it's for the benefit of the group then it works out well. I will have to go check on your blog to see how you went with that.


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