Raiding - What to do now that Blackhand is dead?

Well, we did as I said we would, which was do alts and casuals in heroic.  How we were going to do that seemed clear - we set an ilvl limit for alts and casuals at 660 and then said that if you died to mechanics within 1 minute of the boss encounter for 2 bosses then you would probably be sat out because we wouldn't be able to carry very well without our mains.  This seemed to kick people into paying attention and though I thought there would be many people who may need to be sat out, that didn't happen at all.

It was particularly cute that Gunsnbowses, Koda's hubby, who raids on Sundays was so excited about the raid that at lunchtime he was chattering about how he had all his flasks and pots and runes ready to go and he had parked himself outside Blackrock Foundry.  Taxar was excited too, and so was Tacky.

Voe was pretty keen to come along. He came on Sunday to the normal BRF run, but he obviously hadn't read up because he died to every mechanic within the first minute or less of the fight!  Was this Voe, I wondered.  He was not playing particularly well, maybe he was just rusty!  I had a word to him and told him I hoped he would do better, and he said he would not disappoint.

Loot was not done particularly well, though it wasn't an issue during the raid.  I had decided to loot it like we do the weekend, mains over alts rolls, and each person looting two items before the items had to be shared with others.  After I'd said that to the raid, Madcow said it should be one because we actually may not kill many bosses to be able to share loot anyway, so we changed it to one.  Luxy suggested an even better option which we will do next week - as there are a few items that the heroic raiders still want - which was to have the alts and casuals roll on the loot that is to be sharded, and loot that heroic raiders want they pay for in EPGP.  There was only one item which that would have applied to - the strength trinket that drops from Flamebender.  That item was coveted by Madcow for many raids and we hadn't seen it drop and it dropped last night and everyone was rolling on it.  Fortunately because Madcow hadn't looted all night, he was able to take the item ahead of the person who rolled higher than him.  But the awkward situation could have been avoided with Luxy's idea.

All up we did 6 heroic bosses which was good.  Very little loot was sharded and alts and casuals seemed pleased with the run overall.  We had started off with Ultra's monk tanking with Crusnik, but we switched over to Arelion when poor Ultra was having a time of it with Oregorger.  I played like an idiot and got hit by trains in Thogar TWICE, but the rest of the raid went well.  Sev's workmate, Teknoman, joined us halfway through the raid as a trial to see if he would like it in our guild (and to see if we could put up with him) and his mythic geared mage blew most people out of the water.  Or maybe everyone.

Guns and Koda were holding hands together and got smacked by a train, though it may have been lag.  They were both so apologetic about dying, that it made me feel guilty about dying also.  But I wasn't going to apologise.  No, I would rather laugh at myself.

Voe didn't die to every mechanic under the sun!  And Taxar didn't either!  Taxar had tanked on Sunday and he actually did a great job - when he DPS's he has dreadful positioning and dies a lot but his tanking was good, with the clear, concise instructions that Kyjenn said to him, that I complimented him afterwards on his tanking.

Crus and Arelion tanking was an interesting combination.  I think they had fun trying to pull threat off each other.

With that raid happening, I didn't really feel like doing Sunday's raid anymore.  I think that until 6.2 hits, we won't be doing Sunday raids if we are doing alts/casuals on Thursday.  What are we going to do on Monday?  Well, there are the bosses we haven't finished off and we might just do Thogar on heroic with everyone and for maidens and blast furnace see how it goes for a couple of attempts before we start switching over to mains.  Either way, I think this is a nice relaxing thing to do and I'm glad that everyone seems to be on board with it and not yell at me about why we aren't going into Mythic.


  1. My suggestion is basically just Luxy's I guess, but we always used to have certain items locked when we would bring casuals. That way they knew ahead of time that those items were off limits. Back in TBC I knew groups that ran Gruul for the entire expansion with his trinket as the only item locked for most of the expansion. Anything not locked was open rolls. It always seems to be specific trinkets or weapons where that always happens though.

    1. Luxy's suggestion was a good one, wish I was smart enough to think of that BEFORE the raid on Thursday.


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