Raiding - New people to soak up some lootz

After my deliberations yesterday, the decision was made and we went with Grimm on his priest and I mainswitched him, making his priest his main and his druid his alt. I think he was happy with that, and inside, I was happy too. Kyjenn and Arelion had both said to me that they didn’t think it was a problem, especially if somebody volunteered and if it was an alt that had to be brought, loot was still main over alts. I think I was just worrying too much about what could happen and how the system could be abused and not having enough faith in the goodwill of people.

So we had our three “new” people – Brahski, Grimmhot (why would he call his toon that!) and Crusnik (another one of Yuuda’s friend from his old guild) and we changed things up a bit – we started off in the Black Forge (Hans and Franz, Flamebender Ka’graz and Kromog), then moved to Slagworks (Oregorger, Gruul, Blast Furnace) and then did Beastlord.

That did mean that Kyjenn died on Hans and Franz – twice – and we had to one tank it for the last 10%. Not the cleanest kill in the world, but it was nice having a few people around to pick up all the loot that we normally disenchant. Flamebender went fine, as did Kromog (though my healing for Kromog was bloody awful – I think I was distracted trying to call out cooldowns that I wasn’t healing properly). Also not really sure how a disc priest works, for those sorts of situations so I have no idea when or how often you can use spirit shell or how many people you can get with it before things hit.
Brahski was happy because he picked up two tier pieces, one of which was heroic warforged with a socket, and I told him that his luck had now run out.

Then on to Gruul and he also upgraded his crappy blue weapon, and I could see some difference with having a disc priest around – heals for me in general were smaller because people took less damage despite me doing the same things I normally do.

I hate doing Oregorger and though I expected people to die, nobody died. We then went on to do Blast Furnace which I was actually rather hesitant about, especially bringing undergeared people to the raid, but though we wiped the first time (DPS was a bit low on the left side so we swapped Crooked to the left and put Brahski on the right) it went just about perfectly the 2nd time and we got a nice clean kill that wasn’t too horrible to heal – I really do think Grimm’s disc priest smoothed out the whole thing a lot! That and we were playing with a lot of healers! Koda, myself, Bish, Grimm and Kaillynn were healing – that’s a lot of heals.

Yuuda said it was my turn to DPS tomorrow and he heal Blackhand, and the whole raid groaned and said they would rather NOT have me DPS because my damage output is truly abysmal.
Confidence building, right? :D We’ll see how we go – It’s only Thogar and then Maidens. I am not sure what we are going to do about Blackhand but you never know who will turn up to raid tomorrow.