Raiding - More Blackhand, less farm

We made a decision (though a bit of a befuddled one, thanks to me) that we would try to increase our time on Blackhand.

The funny thing was I had already been thinking about and I had rung Aimei/HK to see what he thought.  I thought that one wing then Blackhand would be nice, and give us more time on it.

When I logged on, I had a message from Kyjenn saying we should go straight to Blackhand.  We ended up just doing one wing (Maidens) and then spending Wednesday and Thursday on Blackhand. At least it felt a little more progressive.

I am still the fail at getting kicked up on the balcony. However I feel a lot better with a HotW tranquility during my demo phase, but unfortunately that gimps my mana a bit.

Kaillynn has been having difficulty with her healing so I asked Rades for some advice.  I think she has been trying to avoid mechanics but that makes her healing suffer.  I handed over the advice he gave me and hopefully she will take it on board.

I still despair over Kelthal using normal flasks when good flasks are free from the guild bank.  Also, he never pots.  I can't talk, really, I don't pot either.  But I so infrequently DPS that potting seems like the biggest waste of time since my pissy little damage is so negligible.

By Thursday we seemed to be getting to Phase 3 a little bit more consistently.  However we didn't seem to see that on Monday when we did some farm bosses and Blackhand, and it feels like we are stuck in that Blackhand rut.  Damage seems to get a little crazy in later phases, and healing just doesn't seem to be enough and people are panicking and running around and still blowing up bombs and still getting shot by the Mark and fire because tank is not dying.  Monday was good because 2 tier tokens that people were looking for from Blast Furnace were taken and that means less bosses that people are asking for.  There is still loot from Flamebender that the melee are after (Horn of Screaming Spirits) and Sars is still searching fo rhis 4th Tier piece.


Anyway, in more positive news, I think that it's a better move.  Everyone is sick of doing Blackrock Foundry, and it would be good for guild morale if we could kill Blackhand.  Less bomb blowing up, more hiding behind the SAME piles so that we poor healers had somewhere safe to tranq during the second Demo and if Yuuda could heal so I could be saved from shitty balcony work then the raid which be a much more fun place!

IF we can kill it, that is.


  1. Can't you just tell people who aren't putting in the effort that they either comply with the (quiet lenient) standard of raiding or they don't get a spot. You have a second 'casual' run for this very reason, so the people who can't or don't want to commit for whatever reason can still raid without hindering those who do put in 100%. It doesn't seem like too much to ask that people flask and pot to their best ability.

    1. The problem is that those things are free from the bank and all they have to do is ASK. It bothers me that they don't ask, and everyone else uses their own flasks and pots. TBH I didn't know it was happening until last week. But I think I will say something from now on, thanks for nudging me.

  2. Can I ask how many Demo's you are getting and are you saving hero/BL/Warp till phase 3 or are you using it on phase 2? We were really struggling until we gave up holding the BL until phase 3 we blow it after the second demo now and focus the boss just to push phase.

    1. Do you mean BL in P2? I'm not sure when we are doing it tbh, I feel so fixated on my silly little roles that I am oblivious to when lust is called. I think we are holding it till P3. But I will check tonight.


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