Navispam - Fanglore the Coaster Crafter

I was shopping on Etsy and I saw these coasters at TAHAZU Custom Designs and thought they looked rather neat.  However, I was a little baffled by the price - they were $6 each but if you were to buy a set of four it would cost $30.  Why would a set of four cost more than individuals?  So I sent a message to the seller to enquire about the price difference.

He replied to tell me that it was because they come with a coaster caddy, and he adjusted the description of the item in the shop.  I didn't think more of it until a few days later, he sent me a mail saying
BTW, my main character is a Resto Druid (Tauren of course! The only true Horde Druid). Lol
I laughed, and replied that after hearing that I was more inclined to buy his items - and I did.  I"m such a sucker when it comes to buying things.  I did mention to him however, that if I was to purchase something, would it be ok if I took a picture with his toon in game?  He was more than delighted to and he gave me his battletag.

A few days later I decided to drop by and visit Fanglore, but he wasn't online.  The guildie that I spoke to was very pleasant and polite and even asked if there was anything I could help them with.  I didn't realise Fanglore was the GM of his guild - another thing we had in common besides both being tauren druids.  I mentioned it to him and we had a laugh about it.

I came back a day or two later, and he still wasn't online and the other guildie I spoke to was equally pleasant and polite.  Both of those guildies notified Fanglore that I was looking for him, and I complimented him on the politeness of his guild. He was very pleased to hear that, though of course I appreciated because I expect that of my guildies, and hope that when people speak to them they point them in the right direction in a polite way.  So far, if anyone is looking for me, the guildie they spoke to has always sent me an ingame mail letting me know.

A few days ago, I logged on and saw Fanglore was online!  So I visited his Garrison to take some pictures and have a chat.

 I am not sure why Draka, Thrall and Durotan were still in his garrison... me thinks he has been a bit LAZY with some questlines!

Fanglore said that Aeda is his favourite bodyguard.  She is my LEAST favourite! He likes going out as resto and have her tanking everything and he's wrath spam healing with Dream of Cenarius and apparently that goes very well!

He came and looked at my Gladiator's Sanctum, wondering what benefit I got from it.  I'm still not sure to be honest, and I am still struggling to get the achievements from it.  I don't think I ever will now. At least it gives me honour, some blues to DE and a bit of conquest.

I told Fanglore about my aversion to barns and lumber mills on my druid, and how they just seem wrong - cutting down trees and trapping animals including wolves for their fur seems so unseemly for a druid to do.  Of course my warlock feels none of those moral compulsions.

It was lovely to meet the maker of the items I purchased, and he seems so pleasant and his guild also seems like a really great place!  I like guilds whose ideals mirror my own and it was nice to make a new friend whose idea of a guild ran in such a similar line to my own.  I wished him the best with is raiding, and I shall drop by again sometime, hopefully.

Thanks for letting me Navispam you Fanglore!