Minipost - I didn't know you could share a transmog item!

We did a normal Blackhand on Thursday and The Black Hand dropped - naturally a lot of people rolled for the transmog item.  There were a few people who were sad that they didn't get the item.

Madcow/Moopie was the lucky roller of 99.

He then offered it to us to transmog. I, the skeptic, said that you can't transfer that stuff to transmog because it's bound to you. Yes, raid items can be passed around for 2 hours, but not if you transmog them.  I know that when you use a BoE for transmog it gets bound, so I assumed something similar would happen.

I was mistaken.

Rag and I both took the Black Hand from Madcow and transmogged our own weapons and then passed it back. Hm.  I wonder if that was working as intended.

Fortunately for me, everyone could meet up in my garrison because I have a transmog vendor there. So it saved time passing it around.

Well, there you go, something new that I didn't know!


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    1. So something you can share on OLRD if something cool drops! :D


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