Guild Gold Challenge #3 - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

We decided to try to do Shadowmoon Burial Grounds as our third challenge mode.

The first challenge was to find the damned place.

As Horde I don't spend a lot of time in Shadowmoon Valley except in the places that are part of the daily Apexis quests.  Ultra and Sars were there before me and I followed them around before I realised they had no idea where they were headed to either!  However, they eventually figured it out and we got started.

The first dodgy bit was waiting for the blueberry Void spawn to pat away and then rush over to the group standing next to the runes, hitting them when the Void Spawn on top of the alter despawns. Pets, wide asses and in general a lack of awareness of agro range would stuff that pull up, but once you get used to it, it's not an issue.

Jumping down the hole was another point where there would be mistakes when pets were not dismissed.  It was not all terrible - one time Sev forgot to dismiss his pet and all the mobs pulled - he just ran outside and died to those mobs whilst we stayed out of combat and rezzed him after.

The first boss, Sadana Bloodfury, isn't too bad.  Just kept ranged stacked together so they could move as a unit and get healed easily when those big shadow daggers fall from the sky, and then make sure you stun the Defiled Souls because when they get close enough to Sadana she sacrifices them and gains some health.  DPSing them down wastes time, so stuns are good.  At least I got to use a mighty bash!

Lots of creepy crawlies as we made our way to the next boss, Nhallish.  Man, I must have triggered EVERY RUNE in the place as we went to him. When I lamented over the fact I had triggered everything, Ultra reassured me that there were a few runes I hadn't triggered.

Bonemaw wasn't anything different, but we invis'd past the spiders and made our way to Ner'zhul. We were stoked, when we killed him in time for the gold.... BUT WAIT...

OMG we were one mob short.  Fortunately we weren't far from mobs so we ran and pulled another mob and killed that... THANK GOODNESS for that!!

Woohoo! That wasn't too bad as a challenge mode.  Very doable!