As if Pepe wasn't cute enough already...

There are tons of people out there who adore Pepe (and probably just as many who couldn't give a poop about this little bird), and I fall into the former category.  When I saw on MMO Champion that in 6.2 there will be a new achievement and Pepe costumes... well, let's just say that I didn't think Pepe could get any cuter BUT I WAS WRONG!!!

Plated helm, Viking Helmet, Pirate Hat or Ninja - which costume is your favourite?

My favourite is the Ninja one.  Though the Viking one is a close second!

Which reminds me, that I haven't finished my What a Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been.  It's the outdoor bosses which I'm most worried about since nobody really does Tarina or Drov anymore. At least with all the dungeon and raid bosses you can do them on normal or LFR to reduce your risk of dying and losing Pepe.


  1. Ninja Pepe definately, then for me it's a close second between Viking and Pirate.
    I've been running a few dungeons lately with Pepe on my head I figured I should get the acheivement out of the way and last night saw a Tarina world boss group in trade which I jumped in on. First time I've killed that boss. If I see a call again I'll let you know if you like.

    1. That would be great Z! Hopefully it's not in the middle of raid... "Uhhh guys I just need to afk a few minutes...." /ducks out to kill Tarina

  2. I just need the outdoor bosses for What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been.


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