Ways you can tell Draenor is slowing down

It was Saturday night and I was just bumming around doing my usual things, and I thought I would look around in group finder to see what there was to do.  Usually someone is doing LFR on an alt for their ring stuff, so I thought I'd go for that and get some gold and some stuff to DE, but nobody was doing it, and Kyjenn was telling me the other day that LFR queues have been really long because... well nobody is doing them.

Then I went to look in group finder to see what arenas I could do.  There were none listed.  Weird. So I went to RBGs - same, none listed.  Maybe my group finder was buggy.

So I went to Draenor raids to see what there was and it was empty too.  Surely that must be wrong. But when I went into the questing tab there were a couple things there so it was working....

Which means, hardly anybody is in Draenor doing things.

I guess it is because it's so long between new content. When they wanted to bring back the Vanilla feel to people I guess they really brought it all back - long time between content, no flying, stats being squished - and I guess everyone will by now realise those weren't the good old days.

People are already losing interest in our raids, both heroic and casual, so it doesn't surprise me really. I guess I was suprised to be seeing it so soon.  I wonder what subs are like at the moment.

BGs seem to be still going ok, with queue times.  Ashran is abyssmal now with Alliance dominating it constantly. Are the low numbers of Horde because of lack of interest in game or is it just that there are tons more alliance?

WoW tokens are quite cheap here - selling at just under 20k. Do you think that means that people are not interested in game time and the price is low?  Or that it's just the market and people are undercutting each other?

And I've got more things to add to my list of quality of life things that I think should be improved in game. But that's a post for another day.  


  1. Considering that the Horde dominated the Mists random BGs, I consider any Alliance dominated BG a balancing out.

  2. It could also be people are busy doing the garrison stuff on all their alts that by the time they finish, they don't feel like doing anything else. I know I'm guilty of that. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours to clear all missions and garrison bits for all 9 toons with a garrison. Add to this to the other two alts I'm leveling, I don't have time for anything else.


    1. Yeah i can imagine that is rather exhausting. Even doing one is exhausting.

  3. You can't undercut on gametime tokens, the price is set automatically by algorithm. You might think that the low price is due to oversupply but on two occasions when I went to buy them at a low price, none were available. (Maybe it was just a temporary anomaly as price correction occurs slowly). What I find more interesting is why the EU price is so much higher. Quick search suggests it might just be a factor of more gold in the EU economy, easier to buy gold through illegitimate means, and also a relative lack of real wealth in some european countries.

    Also anzac day may have had an impact on anz player numbers?

    1. I don't understand how it all works except that it is a rather expensive way to convert real cash to wow gold. Honestly i thought that it was related to demand but glad someone explained it to me.

  4. Yep, dropped on on Saturday night to see if I could do some lfr on Sev to catch up on the legendary quest - 50 minute queue times. I'll pass. :p


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