Shab moving to Alliance - ending an era of arena partnership!

I have often felt bad that I can't PvP more with Shab, and had hoped he would make more PvP friends, and he did.  Jinjersnaps had come back and he had been PvPing with her a lot.  After all, I felt like I had DRAGGED him back to the game, and now that he (and Sev) are getting older, their ability to stay up late to arena and PvP has diminished. I, however, am still up at stupid hours of the night... often wishing I had someone to

Last Friday, he mentioned to me that there are so many more people playing on Alliance. He wasn't feeling well, but we managed to get a small Ashran group doing, got a few events done before we were snowballed by Alliance (and also killed their leader) so that was good.  After that we did some BGs, which we won all except for one.

On Saturday when I logged on, Shab said he had something he wanted to talk to me about. I knew what it was going to be - nobody ever starts the conversation with those words without me guessing what it is. I said "Wait, let me guess, you're going to Alliance to PvP?"

It is selfish of me to want him to remain, and I KNOW that he would get better longevity in the game going somewhere that he can PvP like he wants.  But he's been here SO LONG, he was the first and probably one of the very few people who had levelled within the guild on their main from 1 to max.

We have this funny RL connection, one of those 6 degrees things (more like 2 degrees). He mentioned to me once that he had a relative working at my hospital and when I asked about it he told me what they did, and I was shocked because then I said his relative's name and he said oh, you know them?  Know them?  Their office was next door to mine! I knew them very well!

Whenever I was excited about PvP stuff I would be ringing Shab.  I still remember his fanboy stuff that he wanted me to do - and I ended up taking that pic with Sodah at Blizzcon in 2013 and then calling him straight away to say OMG GUESS WHAT I DID!

And that time that he was in Swifty's Twitch?  Now that was cool :)

Of course we will remember fondly all those frozen orbs that seemed to be going nowhere.... and Shab's ability to sheep people who are about to die is about as amazing as my ability to cyclone people who are about to be killed as well.

I fully admit that I have not enjoyed PvP this season - partially because of Ashran and the compulsory 200 conquest that comes from there (and of course the converse, where you can just run around and get all your conquest from there), and the other part because I feel like a double caster team really struggles in arena, which was very different from a few seasons ago when we we were having a grand time in arena.

And so, after 9 years it's good bye to Shab, as he moves over to Alliance.  He said to me, he will miss sheeping Sev's targets, and I laughed.  He could just sheep Sev instead :D

I guess I'll see you on the other side of the battleground Shab! And it isn't goodbye - realID is only a keystroke away - and I'm sure we will find some other stupid fanboy thing to stand around all day waiting for sometime in the future.


  1. I don't think I could ask for a better guild to call home and I'm very grateful to have had Frostwolves as a family for the last 9 years. I always have so much fun with my arena team mates Navi and Sev as we blunder our way to victory (most of the time). My favourite memory is of course the infamous oblivious poly of Sev's dotted and nearly dead target, but hearing him scream was well worth it. I also don't think I have ever laughed so hard when Navi sheepishly said she cycloned the hippo (rather than the hunter which would have been slighly more useful).

    I always look forward to our pvp night and I wish that was every night. But I know this will never happen, given Frostwolves is a raiding guild. My decision to leave is solely because of this. I have wanted to try being part of a pvp guild for a long time and there was an opportunity to get into what sounds like a casual friendly pvp guild. I couldn't refuse.

    And yes, this definitely is not goodbye. I still love playing my druid and plan to bg with him regularly. He will hopefully still join you on Fridays for pvp night.

    1. much <3 from your fellow mage!



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