Raiding - A good 2 days

Holidays always put a dent on raiding, and with Easter coming up we weren’t sure what was going to be happening over the holidays. I knew what was going to happen – I was going on holidays so that means no raiding for me!

Wednesday was a funny day – Koda was not there nor was Duck. And we had Ant and Frostie come so we thought it would be good to do some easy bosses first. For a change we started with Gruul then Oregorger and went down to Beastlord, Thogar and then Iron Maidens. Unfortunately, Iron Maidens was difficult to do, even with 2 people who were not that well geared and we had to drop them so we could get Maidens down. It didn’t feel as tidy as previous Wednesdays where we did 7 bosses in a night so I was think it wasn’t a great start to the raid week.

Then Thursday came around and we only had 19 in raid. No Arelion, as he was out, no Yuuda as it was his birthday. it was over to Hans and Franz, Flamebender, Kromog and then Blast Furnace. With Yuuda out we were down one healer, but we ran with 2 paladins and 2 druids for Hans and Franz, got Punchynok to heal for Flamebender and then got Crooked to heal as well for Kromog. We did wipe once on Kromog and then I was feeling a bit bleh about Blast Furnace. I think everyone was not feeling very optimistic. Kaillynn and Koda had missed the kill last week, and Duck hadn’t been there either. It might take us a few goes.

It took only ONE.

We one shot Blast Furnace, and I am wondering whether having 2 paladins is part of the difference. Healing was smooth, cooldowns were good and it seemed so tidy! Kaillynn got a bit excited at the end and was up with the melee when we kept trying to get her back to the ranged, and left some unfortunate slag on the ground, but we all ran through it and we survived! Man, that was good!
I managed to roll the tier pants and was lucky and got a socketed version! Now I can use my useless 4 piece tier and still wear my cool Haste/Mastery helm from Highmaul.

So what do we do now? It was only 1020pm!

Whilst Hwired did loot, the other officers had a quick discussion about what to do – attempt heroic Blackhand, find a save for normal Blackhand (unfortunately it was Yuuda with it), or do Mythic Highmaul - and we decided to do mythic Highmaul. However, the stupid maker of that decision forgot that there were only 19 people in the raid (yes, that was me), and then one left and we were down to 18 so we couldn’t do it anyway. Hwired laughed at our stupidity and we ended up calling it a night early, as a lot of people were very close to getting their legendary rings and wanted to get them. I also had not packed for my trip. So I went to go do that and came back to find a number of guildies had their ring, which was great!

I thought that they would work on Blackhand next week, because turnups may be a bit sketchy.  But you never know, they might have enough for a heroic farm of a few easy bosses!


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