Minipost: Raiding - It's nice to be raiding again

I was pleased to be raiding, and for once we were HEAVY on healers! On Wednesday we had Morz there so Yuuda went moonkin (which meant I could look like a good druid healer for once) and Kyjenn was a little hesitant tanking heroics, hoping it would go well, and it did go well.  We did our 7 as usual on heroic farm day, and with a nice turnout.

Thursdays are always funny and people seem to be randomly not turning up to raid.  Aza was sick, no Snowcaller and Koda was late (and Luxy had some weird connection issues). This time we were under 20 people, still comfortable with the healers, and made our way to Blackfuse.  There was one wipe on Maidens where Kyjenn went a different way to they way Snowcaller normally goes, but I didn't really find that a problem - I wanted to try and cheese it with the boxes and I tried it on barrels and that didn't work well.

Anyway, I am still being totally stupid on healing because I'm still struggling to get my tranquility going with aspect of the fox and Hand of Protection on me. Ultra asks if I need fox and I reply but often I don't hit the PTT button properly or something and I THINK I've got the buff but I don't and then muck up my tranquility.  Yuuda suggested using 2 healer cooldowns for that phase which is a good idea since we aren't going to use them anyway till phase 3 and that made our healing a little easier. Kaillynn had not done Blackhand but was too shy to speak up and poor thing, it was noticed she was running around unsure of what to do sometimes!

We made some progress - at least we got a siege engine down with no fire! Still a whole day on Monday to wipe on it and  make a I hope that I can get my tranquility right.