Making the most out of the new Ashran

Ashran as Horde now has been pathetic now. I can't get into groups, I can't get any Conquest, I can't kill their faction leader. What is there now to do in Ashran except work on my Gladiator Sanctum achievements?

So I feel the only way now to get any Conquest is to release the prisoners.  It's a long slog just to get the 75 conquest points from releasing all 3.

So, I dragged Aimei, Sev and Ultra into the prison so that we could release the prisoners.  But while we were waiting for the Prison Guard to respawn we decided to take some selfies in the prison.

It was weird in this picture, Ultra was taking a selfie but he looks like he's pointing at something.

So I have been reduced to just doing the objectives on the edges for gold and honour. However, then I went with Gunnar into Ashran and he showed me that a bunch of items that are like the treasures around in Draenor, which contain artifact fragments.

At least it's something to do when I'm there, and at least they give me honour which I can spend on buying stuff to disenchant.  But I don't want honour... I want my 200 conquest for the week!

I was lucky just the other night because I went into group finder for PvP and under Ashran there was one group - an oceanic group - and I joined them and yay, I got a group!  Unfortunately they were in a different instance of Ashran to me - we had found this issue when we Frostwolves grouped up to do Ashran, but it would be fixed by zoning out of Ashran and zoning back in.  So I did that and was in their instance which was a lot better than the one I was in - where Alliance was whooping our asses and people were asking for groups but none were being made.  So if worst comes to worst, I think it's a good idea to drop it into the Ashran group finder - I think if I do group up with some guildies we might do that, and go around doing events or something.


  1. I also had success using the group finder yesterday. I joined the group before entering ashran then spent 2 and a half hours in there, winning every event and dying only once. We still didn't defeat their boss, but they didn't come close to ours either. That's the only way I'm going back in there, hopefully it stays good.

    1. I haven't yet seen another group in the group finder, but maybe on a Friday I can get Sev and Shab to start one with me. And I'll drag you along also :P


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