Guildleader chores - When one door closes, another opens

I am feeling really lucky at the moment. Feast or famine, drought or flood, that's what it feels like when it comes to recruiting.

With one ranged DPS leaving earlier this week, the balance between ranged and melee was rather grim.  In fact, we raid very melee heavy usually which isn't always great (though at least they are all bunched up for easy healing).  We usually run with 2 DKs, enh shaman, ret pally, 2-3 warriors and 2 monks. Though in recent times, I have been using the enhance shaman (Sars) and one of the monks (Punchynok) to heal to get the balance a bit more even.

AAAAND another ranged DPS stepped down from heroic raiding - Dragonray has a lot of busy IRL things to do and just hasn't got the time to commit to raiding even though she says she would love to raid. Hopefully things will settle down and she can return, or maybe she can come to casual runs on the weekend.

But with the 2 new paladins, Kaillynn and Ragnarokk, it's been great.  Ragnarokk has been masquerading as ret but his healing offspec is fantastic.  My healing problems are over!  Except that I have no disc priest (and at this stage, we seem to be coping well without one).  I have enough offspecs to cover in times of strife, and they are all good offspec healers too.

But there is MORE.

I had another holy paladin asking to join the guild recently (who is the friend of another guildie) - looking for something a little less hardcore than their current guild.  I feel bad, I want to have him, he seems ok, but do I really have the room? I hate to waste a good player, and this guy seems nice (if not a little... monotoned when spoken to). I told him to wait until his mate is back and then could bring them on together - who knows who will be sick of raiding by then, right?

The other night Yuuda said he had a friend who would be interested in joining.  His friend, like him, was an ex-hard core raider, but stepping back because he'd had 2 young kids. He was currently unable to raid regularly because his guild raids from 730pm which for anyone with 2 kids is a really crappy time, which is why we raid so late (all my fault, really).  He was quiet, was happy just to be able to raid a few times a week and have people to talk to.  I went over the guild rules with him, and he seemed a little bemused by them, but was fine.  And last night, he transferred over, on his boomkin.  I mentioned it to my work colleague today (Cav, who was guildies with Yuuda on alliance) and when I told him the name, he asked if it was his disc priest who came over, because he was excellent.  Unfortunately it was not (I don't need healers right now!) but I hope that his boomkin is good! Anyway, he's here now. Maybe our ranged DPS will be more evened out!

I also had a previous member want to return to the guild.  However, I am a bit confused why they want to return.  When they first joined they left within a few weeks.  Then they came back, and then they left again.  They said that work made it difficult for them to raid with us, but now their job has changed but I'm not sure if they would just come here and then leave again whenever some other thing changed for them.  If they left so many times, surely the guild isn't what they're looking for, right?  I dunno, it's a funny situation but they haven't gotten back to me about why they wish to return.

We also had a member returning to the guild - Lunasee - who has moved to NZ from the UK, and she is playing her rogue and is hoping to be able to raid.  Catching up is always a bitch, but if she is keen to raid I think she will level quickly. I had hoped that Shoushiro would raid but he hasn't been turning up lately...

I feel fortunate we are not in the situation that a number of guilds on the server seem to be in - hovering at the 17 mark, finished heroic Blackhand and unable to do mythic.  We still have a ways to go before Blackhand goes down, so I won't have to worry about that magic 20 number for a while yet.  Though I tell you I am not looking forward to it because then comes the awkward sitting people out business.... I hope that people will be cool about it like we were in Siege of Orgrimmar. Or I could speak too soon and have a bunch of people quit raiding.  Either way, it's a good bunch at the moment and I couldn't be more pleased! :)