#WoWBrunchANZ WoW talk, pancakes and more WoW talk

@Msmiggi invited us Sydney twitter peeps to a brunch - and I had totally forgotten about it (the initial date she had set was not a convenient one - middle of Chinese New Year stuff) and she then sent out a tweet with the date of which I was last to reply to... because I hadn't looked at my twitter.

I take that back.  I hadn't replied and had to be poked by MsMiggi in a DM to RSVP.  Which I promptly did!  Eek, I am the worst guest ever!

I decided to drag Hyad and the kids along because there were others going as well taking their kids (notably Moogyver and Nataniepally taking along Gizmo and Sprocket) and I should have been more prepared and brought some Ipads electronic distraction devices along, as I mistakenly thought chocolate pancakes and other foods would keep them occupied.  I should know better, having been a parent this long. Lucky Cymre was there as well so Hyad didn't feel like he didn't know anybody.

We caught the ferry in (gotta love Sunday Family fun day with $2.50 all you can ride public transport) and that was a nice pleasant ride.  However, it deposited us on the far side of Darling Harbour to where the restaurant was so it was a long hike to get there.

We went in and got to the group and sat down, and I finally to to meet Spanxx, whom I have chatted to multiple times on twitter but she was just as excitable and enthusiastic and friendly as I imagined her to be.  Here are some shots by Msmiggi (which is why she isn't in any of the shots).

Most of them were Alliance players. I was a bit quiet as I listened to them talking about raiding, and I realised that a lot of guilds are in a similar or worse position than us - these guys play 10 man but often have a few missing. Spanxx, Scuudoo, Spazzwesson and Sirius were all in the same massive guild (CtR) but because the guild is mostly American, it's hard to find people in their play times. They use the premade group finder tool and though it helps fill the roles, it doesn't necessarily help them fill their raid group with permanent players. Also got to meet Oliver (@ohriiight) who was unfortunately stuck at the "kids" table - poor guy!

There was lots of WoW talk.  Down my end of the table it was hard to hear so I snuck up to the top end a few times to chat and listen.  I had a chat with @Kittie2Kat about parenting and raiding (she is the GM of her guild) and then spent the rest of the time dealing with fussy children.  Their time limit seems to be about 2 hours - Moo and Natanie also were having fussy kids by that time too.

There was a little trivia time and we all got a little goody to take home! This is from Moogyver's twitter feed:

So a big thank you to Marie/MsMiggi for organising the event and it was awesome to meet people! I am sure the next meetup will be bigger, and there will be even MORE people to meet :)