The reasons why I suck at DPS

Aimei/HK is levelling up Lushnek as a healer and was keen to get some dungeons done for hie legendary stuff.  So of course, I went along because I could use the gold, the dust, and the garrison resources. I would have to go moonkin, of course, if he was going heals.  Oh well, I guess it's good practice for me.  After I finished my battleground with Jinjersnaps (it has been a while since I carried a flag in WSG and capped it) I was chuffed because I got an achievement and so off I went to help HK.

Obviously I'm not PvPing enough if only NOW I'm getting this...
So we queued for Skyreach and I was doing my thing and I thought gee, these mobs take ages to die. And my DPS was HORRIBLE.  So I took a +200 int buff and kept going but still I was bottom.  Man, this was embarrassing.  The first boss, Ranjit, took SO LONG, that he did two lots of Four Winds and also did a Lens Flare which I hadn't seen in ages. Then the trash... I couldn't even finish them off before they healed themselves, this was terrible!

So then I thought Ok, maybe I need to pad a bit and use Starfall but all that ended up doing was pulling everything and nearly killing us all. The second boss also seemed to die a bit slowly and my DPS was like 12k or something.  HOLY CRAP I am so embarrassed.  Madcow was tanking on his druid and he was kicking my ass. That's it, I need to go back and practice on a target dummy.

It was on the second last trash pull before the last boss where I thought I'd check my gear (why I didn't do that before, I have no idea) and that explained a lot.  Full PvP healer gear.

Well, once I corrected that, things went much better. That was just damned embarrassing. At least on the last boss I got to show them that I'm no carry.

There are other reasons I'm feeling anxious about my damage.  I have been trying to get platinums on invasions and the last 2 Botani I did we did not get platinum.  BOTANI!  I was so upset the first time as I'd gone with 2 guildie melee, but the second time I took it from trade chat with a warlock and a hunter and we still didn't do it and I poured everything into it. I know I'm the weakest link but am I always the weakest link?  It's a chilling and humiliating thought.

I know I'm not using my celestial alignment properly and I have issues with trying to movement - how the hell do DPS do any damage with all this running around?? And I am forever doing the wrong spell in the wrong alignment.

So back I go again to try and get more practice in.  Tonight is casuals and alt raid, so maybe I can DPS this one and get myself on the right track.


  1. Maybe you've said and I forgot but why not feral? I've only found a group once at my weird times of day so Cat does them alone and she can pretty reliably do in the 900s as feral. Feral's pretty nice this expac even with the kind of crappy aoe. And I figure I must be a very bad Warlock as Cat always does better than Cim the warlock.

    1. I was feral before but if I have to offspec for raids, a ranged is better because we are melee heavy. And I was not very good at kitty either. I was ok I guess because I did brawlers as kitty so I kust be able to hit something.


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