Raiding - Iron Maidens down!

I put this picture in so people can see that these Iron Maidens are actually all female orcs (/cough Grumpy Elf)! I like them they are dressed for battle and bloody scary looking, especially that Marak!

Those 5 ilvl upgrades actually made a bit of difference and fights were a lot easier, smoother.  The night was a bit disappointing to start because it was raid time and none of our two new pallies were on - there were some jokes that they came, they looted, they disappeared - but Kaillynn had to let her hubby sleep, and Ragnarrock was having game issues, but he was fixed soon enough and brought to raid.  Unfortunately though, he was a bit undergeared and hadn't practised the fight so after a few attempts he dropped and we continued.

On our kill attempt it was quite clean - everyone was up this time at the 20% mark and then slowly we started to drop off as mechanics took each of us out.  We still had 2 rezzes then and though the fight was messy as poo at the end with hardly healers or DPS up but they got it.  Phew!

There was nice loot dropping.  Two leather boots, which went to me and Yuuda, and 2 Vanquisher tier which went to Duck and Snow. Protector Tier went to Ultrapwnd and Una picked up a cloth belt.

Then we had a look at Blast Furnace which most of us had only done on LFR, so it was interesting to say the least.  I don't think 3 druids is a great healing comp for that, and it seems a bit tough on mana. Anyway a whole day on Monday to work on it.  But boy were we all happy to get Iron Maidens down, everyone was so relieved!!!  Yay Frostwolves!


  1. Are you sure about that? Did you run tests, analyze their blood, run from those big weapons?

    The one on the left, she has bigger biceps than I do and mine were crafted by the will of elune, here, just watch me flex, pure awesome right?

    Mommy.... ~cries~

    Congrats on the kill.

    1. BTW, love that all the labels where Siege of Orgimmar. Nice touch.

    2. BTW 2, blast furnace really makes me cry, we are stuck there.

    3. GDI, I will fix those darn labels...


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