Raiding - Having a Blast in the Furnace

I tried watching Method's kill of Blast Furnace but I could not understand what was going on, and went back to watching Fat Boss.  However, we had a whole night on Blast Furnace and unfortunately it wasn't a great start.

Hwired was explaining the fight and he talked for so long that I was worried that Falln had fallen asleep.  I swear the explanation boss can be more demoralising than the 20th wipe sometimes.

Then Hwired did something weird and reset his UI and then could not figure out his buttons for a good few minutes.  In the end he dropped from the raid and we had a few goes without him.

I was on the left side this time, and at least now I had the hang of it, running with my bomb to the heat regulator and away when I had the other debuff that drops a pool on the ground.  Madcow complained about someone who had dropped their pool in melee, but didn't realise that it was he that dropped it there....

Mana felt better for me on the left side than on the right, and my healing was good when I was on the left.  On the final attempt, Koda disconnected so I ran over to her side to heal and ran back after she got back online.

We made good progress through the night.  Once the sides were down and the heat regulators were disabled we started stacking up and killing... something.  I was busy healing and running away with my Volatile Fire to know what we were killing, and all I knew was that if I was fixated, I had to run to the raid target mob to get it killed.

On our final pull for the night we managed to get to the Heart of the Mountain phase and we hadn't quite figured out that we start from one corner of the furnace and move to the other side, but at least we got to see it, and so I think everyone was really happy that we got that far.  We hadn't even discussed it during the explanation boss!

So this week is going to be an exciting week. We might even get Blast Furnace down!  Hopefully with Kaillynn here for Iron Maidens we can have more variety with healing and have more HoPs so we don't have to sacrifice people for that bloody Penetrating shot phase!


  1. Ok Nav, you can explain Blackhand when we get to him.

    - Hwired

    1. Uh oh, I'd better start rehearsing that now.... and I give you full permission to laugh at my word salad.


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